Monday, August 23, 2010

Tuesday Show & Grace our senior cat

Today it's time for Angela's Tuesday Show & Tail over at her blog West Virginia Treasures.  For more information and a list of this week's participants head over to her blog.

I've decided to feature our senior cat Grace this week.  She's been with us for almost 16 years and is the sweetest cat.  She sleeps by my head every night and on occasion will hit me with her paw.  That's my signal to wake up and pet her for a few minutes.  I really don't mind because she's my best bud.

(I've actually written about Grace once before, but never for Tuesday Show & Tail.  You can read that older post here if you'd like.)

In 1994 I noticed a little kitten around the neighborhood following the kids home from the school bus.  I assumed she belonged to someone.  The night before Thanksgiving was a cold night (for us anyway).  The little kitten curled up in the lap of a scarecrow I had sitting on a bale of hay on the front porch.  One of my son's friends came to the door and brought her inside.

We weren't sure what to do, but decided to let her stay the night because of the cold.  The next day my husband walked around the neighborhood asking if she belonged to anyone.  He was told she belonged to some people on the next block, but they were away for Thanksgiving.  So, we kept her until they got back.  I was kind of annoyed that they left her to fend for herself, but when my husband went over there they told him that she was a stray that had been hanging around and they fed her once in a while.  They really didn't want her.  So, she officially joined our family and we named her Grace because Grace always comes before Thanksgiving dinner.
I hope she has a very long life because I can't imagine life without her.


  1. What a wonderful name choice - and clever how you came about having that kitty! Thanks for sharing it today!!!

  2. Very pretty cat! I love the name! Glad you joined in this week!!!

  3. I love how she got her name! That is so sweet! Grace is a pretty kitty! I'm glad she found you and you took her in.

    Thanks for sharing about how you got Grace in your life!

    Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

  4. What a great story and a cute kitty. This link (although sad) leads to a post at my blog about one of our cats. He also liked to sleep on my wife's head. there are two photos showing him doing so...

  5. What a beautiful name; she is so pretty for being almost 16!

  6. I love the name Grace too - it has much meaning for me.

    I'm glad she is so wonderful. Nothing like a loving pet.


  7. That is so sweet! My Boots is like that! Although he was with us since he was a kitten I have growen to love him like no other! He gently wakes each morning if I over sleep and makes sure his breakfast is ready! Your Grace is a perfect fit. Hugs Anne

  8. Beautiful cat and what a very fitting name for her!


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