Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Alphabe Thursday...YELLOW???

I apologize for this lame Alphabe Thursday Rainbow Summer School post.  Today we are studying the color yellow and I'm at a loss for ideas.  You might as well head over to Ms. Jenny's blog at Jenny Matlock..."off  on my tangent:" right now to see a list of my fellow students' blogs.  I'm sure their posts will be a lot more interesting and inspiring than mine.

My brain doesn't function well in the hot, relentless, yellow sun.  Add in the humidity and they say 95 degrees feels like 105.  If we're lucky we'll get a break sometime mid to late October.  Now I've lived on the east coast and I can tell you that it gets just as hot and humid there, but it doesn't last for months and months on end without a break.

* Update:  I stand corrected.  I just looked at the temperature on my sidebar and as I write this it is 94 degrees and feels like 114.

I put on my thinking cap and the first thing that came to mind was the Beatles' Yellow Submarine.  I was going to write this elaborate story about how I always wanted to live on a submarine...blah, blah, blah.  Then I was going to tell you that I imagined myself on a yellow submarine and post this You Tube video.  I know it's not the Beatles you see singing, but I kind of liked the little Lego people.  Besides, I already warned you that my brain has been effected by the hot, relentless, yellow sun.

I need to get away.  Perhaps I can plan a trip to Yellow Springs, Ohio.  Only 4,000 people live there and it can't possibly be as hot as here.

And then I couldn't think of anything else.  I warned you this post was going to be pretty bad.

Quick...get out of here!  Head over to Ms. Jenny's blog for some really interesting and inspiring yellow posts.

LOOK, LOOK, LOOK!  I just realized something.  My blog template is YELLOW.

Reid and I are going to Austin tomorrow for a few days.  I might not be able to get much computer time until Monday when we get home.  I'll visit as many blogs as possible whenever I get a chance.  Thank you for reading this far!


  1. Betty, hate to tell you but it's hot here in Austin too. LOL
    Actually a nice rain late this afternoon dropped the temps 10 degrees. It went from 97 to 86 in a blink of an eye. I vote for more afternoons like this.
    Have a safe trip. First thing that popped into my mind was the Beatles Yellow Submarine. :-)
    ~ Sarah

  2. Have a wonderful trip! I love your template.

  3. I think you did great on the color yellow - that is a hard one.

    The only thing I know is that it is my GS's favorite color.


  4. I don't know where Yellow Springs is in Ohio but I'm pretty sure it's hot there too lol. I am not good with the heat and unfortunately, we have a family picnic on Saturday and it's supposed to be 91 with rain just to probably make it extra humid ugh!! After that it's going to cool into the 80's but not until after, ha. It figures.

  5. I must say you do have a beautiful yellow template. I must admit, yellow was very difficult! I hope you can sit in the air and sip a yellow lemonade!

  6. I'm having a really hard time writing about colors too--I'm just not a photograph person! But I thought your post was cute and funny! Good job!

  7. You're going to Austin in August? I'm going to start praying for you right now because it's REALLY hot there!!!

    Have a wonderful trip, Betty!

  8. Lovely post! Love the YouTube video and all the other yellow!

    It's hot here too - over 100F in inland Andalucia!Phew!

    Have a safe trip.

    Happy AlphabeThursday


    PS Mine this week is OVER HERE! Hope you can stop by.

  9. Actually, your supposedly uninspired post was fun! And I know what you mean about the heat. It really takes it out of me, physically AND creatively...


  10. Hi betty

    It's also been such a unusually hot and humid summer here in New York!

    I like the Lego video! They were my son't favorite toys when he was young.

  11. Betty, you're absolutely right. It doesn't last forever here in NE. Just enough to make us all want to move to Alaska for a couple of weeks.

    Like they say, Texas always does everything BIG. I feel for you. Florida isn't much different from TX but a few yIears ago I only lasted until the end of June before fleeing for my life.

  12. Yellow Springs Ohio is right where I lived when I was little. I'd certainly like to be back there right now.

  13. I lived in the Midwest for awhile, and it gets stinking hot and humid there too. Have a safe trip to Austin, but as Sarah told you it's been crazy hot here too. Although our little "cold" front after the rain was so nice. If you really want to cool off, take a trip to Barton Springs while you're in town. The water is always 68 degrees!

  14. I can't imagine anything over 75, after living on the Island for all this time. Here.....I'll send you down a misty, Pacific breeze to cool you off!

  15. its hot everywhere....that yellow sun is a blazing.......stay cool and happy summer! Melinda

  16. it's cooking here too! we all seem to be seeing a lot of that big yellow ball in the sky this year!

  17. You are so cute!

    This was a great yellow post.

    I hear you on the heat, girl. I am soooo sick and tired of roasting from about 8 am on. I keep telling myself "8 more weeks, 8 more weeks" but somehow I'm not finding much comfort in those pathetic words.

    I'm with you on the Yellow Springs, Ohio thing. That sounds charming!

    Thank you for linking. I hope there is a lot of great a/c on your trip this week although I suspect Austin is going to be just as icky!

    Thank you for linking!


  18. I think you've done very well! Like the Lego Yellow Submarine!

  19. Betty,
    what an enjoyable honest post - yellow is just plain hard! I loved the video - the legos were fun!


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