Sunday, June 27, 2010


We came home one day and found a pile of paper towels on the kitchen counter. I suspected Zoom was the culprit since she sometimes unrolls the toilet paper, but I wasn't 100% sure since I hadn't caught her in the act. Then a few days later I walked into the kitchen and caught her. I quickly ran for my camera.

Another day I heard Roscoe growling at something in the kitchen. I was busy at the sink and couldn't figure out what had him so upset. He was under the kitchen table so I went over and looked underneath to see if I could see something. As I got up I noticed this bump under the tablecloth. Yes, it was Zoom again.

She hasn't done either thing again, so hopefully she's finished with that mischief.


  1. Zoom, you character! Don't tell Rembrandt about this, it's one thing she hasn't thought of yet.

  2. Hilarious! Have a dog that unrolls the TP. Thanks for the smiles :-)

  3. LOL! That is so funny!!! Your cat is the cutest little troublemaker!! Our cats attack and shred the toilet paper. I also have holes all over my tablecloth, from where the cat has attacked the corners that hand down. I can't use any of my vintage tableclothes right now, for fear she would destroy those.

  4. Great pictures! I'm glad you caught her in the act! Bad kitty! Bad!!!!


  5. Love, love, love these pictures. Can't believe you caught her!

  6. I would be in the mood to LOL, if my cat hadn't peed on my pajamas yesterday.

  7. Aww! Your cat is too cute.

  8. Gotcha! She is into trouble and caught in the act for funny! Thanks Betty for your support and voting on my video...glad you liked it:)


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