Saturday, April 03, 2010

Almost done! Family update...

As I write this Reid is down at MD Anderson having chemo. There will be one more treatment after today, and the end is in sight!

Last week I mentioned to him that he only had two more treatments. He told me that he doesn't think of it as only. For him each treatment is an ordeal. Two weeks ago he was very sick for around five days. It varies from treatment to treatment and I'm hoping this week's treatment and the last one will be better.

He had his doctor's appointment yesterday and since he's been having some shortness of breath they've removed the one chemo drug for these last two treatments. Hopefully, that will make a difference.

Tomorrow is Easter, but for Reid it means another trip down to MD Anderson for the shot he receives 24 hours after chemo.

Meanwhile, our feral cat MaMa has never returned. It's been over two months, but I still hope I'll go out there one day and she'll be back. We received a phone call Thursday evening from someone that thought they might have seen her. We drove over to the spot and looked around and called, but saw nothing.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day tomorrow!


  1. Anonymous10:05 AM

    I'm so sorry to hear you are both dealing with this...hopefully the end result is wonderful news.

    Thank you for visiting my blog.. I like yours too! your background choice..and, I too have many pets.. right now down to four dogs and a horse, just lost our two brother and sister cats to old age. Their mother was feral when we adopted her.. and pregnant! ...

    Happy Easter - Karen

  2. Betty,
    I'm so glad your son is doing so well, though he would say he is not feeling very good with the chemo. But such advances we have now in medicine really set many people "free" - something that could not be done some years ago!

    A friend was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma in March 2009. She endured chemo for several months and all the illness that went with that. Today she is cancer-free and back home living a full life as she did before.

    Hope your weekend is joyous!

  3. You have so much on your plate. I hope the treatment went well and the cat will return.

    Happy Easter!

  4. Hi Betty,
    So happy to hear the chemo is almost over. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and I hope you all have a wonderful Easter.

  5. Oh, imagine one more treatment after this one, oh Betty, that is so great.

  6. You are all always in my thoughts, Betty.

  7. Good wishes for Reid! I'm so glad he's nearly finished with treatment.

  8. Betty I hope all goes well for Reid and that the change in the chemo combination will make it less painful. I'm praying for him!


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