Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Do you think I should worry? Yesterday, I read my E-mail and then tried to shut down AOL by pointing the TV remote control at the monitor and clicking. After three or four clicks I regained my sanity and put down the remote. I went back to doing it the old fashion way with the mouse. I hope someone will leave a comment saying they do this all the time.

I've been busy the last couple of weeks. My Dad's brother, sister, and nephew came for a visit. Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling well while they were here and had to stay away most of the time so no one else would get sick. My Dad lives nearby in assisted living with round the clock aides. Unfortunately, his Alzheimer's is getting worse and at times he doesn't know us. It's very sad and depressing. My Dad was a very smart man who loved politics and the Chicago White Sox. I showed him a picture of the President wearing a Chicago White Sox cap. A year or so ago he would have been thrilled beyond belief. Now I get no reaction. I miss the conversations we used to have, but speaking is very difficult for him now.

Here's a picture taken last week.

My dad is seated at the table and his brother is next to him. In the second row is Cindy (my cousin's friend), my dad's sister and me. My cousin is in the back. My Dad is 90, his brother is 87 and his sister is 84. My Dad is actually smiling in this picture. He used to smile all the time, but now he usually has a blank look on his face. It's good to see him smiling.


  1. Oh, Betty, you put the remote control episode on your blog lol. Ah well why try to keep it secret. That is a great family photo. You look great despite the stress factor!

  2. Hmm...the remote is fortunately downstairs, a long way off from my computer, or I might be worrying too. I love your stories, Betty. They make my day. I do things like this all the time. You are not alone. I'm sorry about your dear dad. My grandma was like that, only she had dementia. She always knew my mom. But she was always so happy. There were a few times when she was looking for a crying baby, and seemed upset she couldn't find it. She passed away peacefully at 96 1/2. It's sad getting old...

  3. I haven't done the remote thing but I have walked to the fridge with folded laundry ready to put it inside...gesh, what in the world was I thinking...or not thinking!

  4. I DO do things like that quite often! You're probably doing it a bit more at the moment because you're worried about your Dad. I do understand what you are going through here but the important thing to remember is that he is probably quite happy in the world of his mind.


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