Saturday, December 13, 2014

How The Grinch DIDN'T Spoil Christmas

I took a picture of a Christmas tree in the Cardiac Pulmonary Clinic at MD Anderson Cancer Center this past Wednesday.  Some of the people that work there decorated this tree and made the Grinch.  I wish I could have gotten a picture of the entire tree, but there were a lot of patients in the clinic which made it difficult to stand back and take one.
I know in past years they've had a contest among the different departments.  I don't know if they are this year, but if they are the Grinch would definitely get my vote if I was a judge.  Is this the cutest tree you've ever seen?  I love it, but I'm a real Grinch fan.

This is the year that the Grinch will NOT spoil our Christmas.  Reid had all his tests and scans this week and is cancer free!  On December 21st it will be two years since he received his brother's stem cells in a stem cell transplant.  Two years is a mile stone since usually the tumor will grow back within the first two years.  The doctor said three years will be even better, but two years is very good.

The graft vs host disease has also improved.  He's got a very mild case.   It will still have to be watched closely, so he'll go back in four months.  Meanwhile, we're celebrating the good news!

I was putting up Christmas decorations last week and came across a set of reindeer antlers that I must have bought at one time for the cats.  Murphy happened to be nearby and Reid put the antlers on her head.  Needless to say, she hated it!
Doesn't Reid look healthy?  I call him a miracle.


  1. This is great, terrific, wonderful, joyous, happy, news. CELEBRATE!

    And your cat doesn't look to happy there - lol.


  2. Hello, I am a first time visitor to your blog. That is great that Reid's brother was able to donate stem cells. I would love to hear more about this hero. Perhaps you could devote a couple of entries telling us more about him.


    1. Dear First Time Visitor, I don't think so. People would find it boring. :) Love, Mom

  3. Betty...I just cannot believe this and that you are a Grinch fan. Throughout my entire career at the bank, when Christmas was approaching, I would tell everyone to watch the specials...all of them. Then, right before Christmas, I would give a "Grinch Test"!!!!...:)JP

  4. Oh wonderful Grinch photos and adorable cat photo! Handsome dude too!

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  5. I love the Grinch too!

    Anyway, very happy news for you! I cheered when I read the post. I'm sure your Christmas will be wonderful.

    Somehow I knew the cat wouldn't appreciate the antlers ;) My cats never liked losing their dignity.

    BTW, I have posted some doll photos. I hope that you like them :)

  6. REID!!!! I'm so GLAD to hear you are healthy! Have a wonderful Christmas!


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