Monday, December 22, 2014

The Doll's Christmas Concert/Tree Lighting Ceremony


Recently my Ginny Dolls had their Annual Christmas Concert/Tree Lighting Ceremony in the park.

Quite a crowd showed up.

 Poor Mrs. Watt had her hands full with Little JJ.  All he thinks about is football.  "Justin James Watt...didn't I tell you to leave that football home?  We're at a concert...not a football game."

The kids were so excited.  The concert was about to begin.

The Christmas Carols were sung beautifully by The Children's Choir.

Christmas Carols and the lighting of the tree filled everyone with the Holiday spirit.
To be continued...


  1. What a lovely post. Happy Xmas, Betty. xx and woofs from Simi x

  2. Did I tell you that I had a Ginny doll in fact I may st ill have her packed away - we called her Posey - I think my mom named her - my mom's name was Rosey.


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