Thursday, June 20, 2013

"E" as in ELATED!

Hard to believe that we're already up to the letter "E" as in ELATED for Alphabe-Thursday.

I have to admit that I was totally unprepared for class this week.  Real life has kept me busy the past two days, but out of all the stress came good news and I'm ELATED.  I hope you don't mind if I share my good news with you.

I looked up the definition for ELATED.  ELATED is an adjective meaning jubilant or overjoyed.  OK, that sorta sounds correct, but then I saw it used in a sentence and that pretty well summed up how I felt.

Examples of ELATED

  1. She was elated at the news.

Some of you already know that my son had his second stem cell transplant on December 21, 2012 in his fight against Hodgkin's Lymphoma. The first time he received his own stem cells back, but unfortunately he relapsed for the second time.   This time Reid received his oldest brother's stem cells.  (Note to Keith:  THANK YOU once again!)

He is now at the six month post transplant mark and spent the last two days having all the scans and tests.  The good news is that no Hodgkin's was detected.  We are elated for now, but I'm afraid I will worry for the foreseeable future whenever it's time for scans (every few months).

He now has an underactive thyroid (probably from the radiation he's had in the past) and is on medication, but that will probably give him more energy.  He also might have a sinus infection, so he has an antibiotic too.  He has one type of white blood cell that's elevated which could indicate Graft vs Host disease in a mild form (or a few other things), but won't be treated for now.  It could just mean that Keith's stem cells are attacking any remaining Hodgkin's cells in Reid's body.  That sounds good to us, so we'll go with that one!

Overall, the doctor seemed quite pleased with his progress.  So, bare with my while I'm ELATED at the news.

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  1. I would be elated, too! Good choice of words, and I hope and pray he continues to do well.

  2. I'm elated right along with you!!!

  3. How fitting it was time for an E work - E L A T E D ! Me too. sandie

  4. I am elated with you girl! That is wonderful news! I was just thinking about you and Reid the other day and was going to write to see how things were going. I'm so glad you did this post so I now know all is well. Praise the Lord! I'll continue to pray for Reid and you also!


  5. Elatedly extatic for you. Praise God . I am so happy for you all

  6. Wonderful. Our children are the ones we care about most, and this news could only be elating!


  7. Elated is right! We'll all keep praying. God bless you.

  8. Elated is the perfect word for describing what you're feeling.

    You all have been through so much..... and you've been such an inspiration to so many of us. Thank you!

    Keeping you all in my prayers!

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  10. Oh, Betty, you must be so relieved and I'm so happy for you! Long may Reid's recovery continue.

  11. Woo Hoo! Joyful news! I know your family has been thru so much. It is good to have great news and your word was perfectly matched! God Bless you all!lease pray for my sister Mary. She is getting ready, a second time, to have her pacemaker. It has been quite a journey for her and the medical bills are piled high! She needs all the prayer everyone can send her way! Thank you. Anne

  12. Elated is a perfect word...

    This is extraordinary news!

    Your family has endured so much... I am ecstatic to hear about this!

    Exceptional post for the letter "E"!

    Thanks for linking.



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