Friday, April 06, 2012

Easter Blessings on Pink Saturday

I haven't participated in Beverly's Pink Saturday in a while now, but decided to hop in for Easter this week. (There is supposed to be a little seasonal humor there.)

I really don't have time to "play" much with my doll collection these days, but I had some pictures that I took a few years ago and decided to share them. Not much pink, but they are Easter pictures. I have some of the same pictures on my sidebar, but you'll be able to click and enlarge them in this post to see the little details better.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter.

Here are my Vogue Ginny Dolls...vintage, modern, and vintage reproductions. I made their Peeps just for the occasion. (You probably wouldn't believe it if I told you how long they took.)

Thanks for visiting and be sure to head over to Beverly's blog for a list of this week's participants.
 See how we dressed for Easter circa 1950?  L-R: Me, my Mom, and my sister, Carol Sue.  It was a big deal to go shopping for new Easter outfits each year.  New dress, gloves, hats, shoes, coats...imagine walking into church today dressed like that?  I think people would do a double take.  Times sure have changed.  Happy Easter!


  1. Absolutely darling, Betty. Oh, those Ginnys. We would all get new Easter outfits, too. How long ago that was.

  2. YIIIIPPPPEEEE, another doll lover!! Your collection is such fun. Where on earth have you found so many items that are the perfect size for Ginny? Doll house items are often to small. I haven't had time to play much either, but you have encouraged me to get started again.

    Thoughts and prayers for you and your family.

    Happy pink Saturday and Easter


  3. How incredibly cute!!! Those really take me back!

  4. Happy Easter Betty. Yes I remember going Easter shopping for our Easter dresses. I also remember my mother putting my hair in pigtails. There were three girls and I was the youngest and we'd get our hair washed every Saturday night, but I remember putting my hair in pigtails and then putting a pink sponge roller in each pig tail. I had a Ginny doll with bendable knees with little ball joints if I'm not mistaken. Loved looking at yours and all the details -- I mean the fan on the frig is so cool. Blessings Terri

  5. So pretty!

    Hope you'd come and see my Easter craft, you can link too if you like at my meme. Happy Easter.

  6. We really dressed up back then - your dolls are beautiful. We made it home tonight. Have a blessed Easter. Sandie

  7. Love the dolls , as always and the last pic. Happy Easter Monday, Betty.


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