Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Alphabe-Thursday..."T" as in TILAPIA

The weeks go by so quickly. Can you believe we're up to the letter "T" as in TILAPIA already? Thank you Ms. Jenny at Jenny Matlock..."off on my tangent" for sponsoring this weekly event.

I normally hate fish. My husband complains about fish because he had to eat it every Friday growing up Catholic in the 1950's. So, over the years we've rarely had fish. It is supposed to be a healthy alternative and I was told that Tilapia didn't have a real fishy taste, so we decided to give it a try.

Once again, I searched the Internet for recipes and came up with something I thought we might enjoy, Blackened Tilapia with Secret Hobo Spices found on For us this recipe was a winner and we've had it numerous times since, but remember we live in Texas and like our food real spicy. I've made a few adjustments to the original recipe. I only cook four fillets at a time and the recipe called for one pound of fillets, so I cut all the spice ingredients in half. That's plenty for four fillets. I also skip the Kosher salt called for in the recipe because I don't care for salt and never add it to any of my recipes. (I know...I'm strange.) You might want to cut back on the cayenne pepper. I use half a teaspoon, but you might only want to use a pinch. Remember, with us the hotter the better.

The recipe also said to place the cooked fillets on a slice of bread, pour the pan juices over it, and squeeze on lemon juice. We skip all that because there aren't that many pan juices and the bread isn't really necessary. We just plop a fillet on our plates and eat.

We had this last night along with potatoes and fresh asparagus. It was a very good meal.

I'm going to include the link to the potato recipe I used, but you might not be able to find these potatoes in your grocery store. They are called Tasteful Selections and are only carried at Kroger and Walmart here. They have all different types of small potatoes and they're sold in plastic bags. There's usually a recipe on the back of the bags, but I've gone to their website to find more. Last night we used their recipe for Tasteful Selections Mustard Crusted Potatoes. We've had these before and always enjoy them, and they go real well with the Tilapia fillets.
I used a bag of their Sunrise Medley Potatoes. You can see all the different kinds of potatoes they carry here. They have a real good selection of recipes on their website. You can also find a store locator.

Now head over to Ms. Jenny's so you can visit some more Alphabe-Thursday posts!


  1. Your blackened tilapia looks very tasty and I've never met a potato I didn't like :)

  2. The spicier the better in my book! I will certainly try this recipe.

    The potatoes look amazing also!!

  3. Hahahaha your post made me laugh about "tilapia" again. I love fish and I can eat fish every single day, lol! The irony is that it was only here in the US when I first ate Tilapia. I do not eat when I was in the Philippines because we have plenty of different species of fish and we can buy then fresh every day. This recipe is delish. If you have Costco in your area try to find filleted tilapia it is individually packed, and the meat is thick compare to Tilapia sold in other stores. ^_^ Now I am heading to the kitchen to cook head salmon hehehehe. ^_^

    Letter T

  4. I like tilapia and those potatoes look yummy. I really need to try those--I have never gotten potatoes right.


  5. Hi Betty,

    I agree where does the time go? Last week seems like a blur now. I wish I enjoyed fish because your Tilapia fillets looks wonderful. Great post for Alphabe-Thursday.

  6. It sure sounds wonderful to me. I love Talapia and I love spicy but I LOVE salt! Our family loves all fresh fish. Yum!

  7. The Pres has made his own blackening seasoning for years! We use it to have blackened fish all the time...catfish, something called swai that we found at Kroger's in VA and have also found t here!...:)JP

  8. we will be making tilapia as well for dinner. the girlfriend has never tried it. I believe it's a great starter fish for those trying it for the first time.Looks very good!

  9. the only meat that enters
    my body is an occasional
    fish dish and yours is something
    I want to try... very nice
    and those potatoes too!

  10. Looks and sounds yummy.

  11. Mustard crusted potatoes sound delish and I do love blackened tilapia - unless it is too hot - I like it kind of mild. love, sandie

  12. I'll have to try this recipe, my dh has been eating a lot of tilapia on his new diabetic diet.

  13. We love to eat fish and all types of sea food, living close to the Normandy coast how could we not!
    You made me smile when you described tilapia as not tasting fishy, what's the point then?

  14. Yummy, and I, just was thinking what's for dinner tonight????

  15. We like talapia too, because its mild and fairly reasonable price-wise.


  16. Tilapia's are delicious. Love it and eat it a lot. Great T word.
    Happy Easter

  17. Anonymous7:34 PM

    I had never had tilapia until I had lived in Florida- it is YUM! Thank you for sharing the recipe with us!
    Stopping in for Alaphabe Thursday:

  18. We love fish and we love spicy, so this looks absolutely delightful!

  19. Love Talapia. I usually pan fry it fter I have used Autry's fish breader. It's very good. I serve mine with homemade coleslaw.~Ames

  20. Don't know if I overlooked it, but did hubby like the fish??

  21. This actually sounds quite Tasty and I don't really like fish...

    In fact, I hate eating fish...

    But I would actually consider Trying This... It looks fantastic!

    Terrific post for the letter "T"!

    Thanks for linking.


  22. Thanks so much for this post! I couldn't remember the brand (Tasteful Selections), and I wanted to use one of their recipes. Now I can go to their website - thanks again!


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