Friday, December 09, 2011

My Secret Santa Can Read Minds...

WOW...let's talk about amazing. My Secret Santa can read minds. Somehow she knew I love Reeses and I don't think I ever mentioned that on my blog. I especially enjoy them frozen, so I put the bag she sent right into the freezer after I took this photo.

When I opened the package I knew exactly why she chose the gifts she chose. She definitely did some research on my blog and knew a few things about me.

She knew that I like cats and she sent a cat card with a nice note. (Oh dear...I didn't think to put a note in the package I sent.)

I've mentioned in the past how much we enjoy "hot" food and she sent an adorable jalapeno apron and some bottles of hot sauce. YUM!

In one of my past posts I bemoaned the fact that I do not have a Jewish grandmother to teach me how to cook. I was thrilled with the How To Cook Like A Jewish Grandmother Cookbook. It was perfect and full of great sounding recipes. I can't wait to try some. It will almost be like having a Jewish Bubbe.

And see the cowboy boot? It's now hanging on my Christmas tree. Tucked inside was a Colorado Lottery Ticket. I won $5,000!!!

Not really, but I did have fun scratching it off and checking to see if I had won. Suzanne had asked on the Secret Santa form if there was something we'd like and I said a lottery ticket. I'll remember my Secret Santa every Christmas because I tucked the ticket back inside the boot before I hung it on the tree. It will be packed away after Christmas with all the ornaments and every year I'll remember my special Santa when I hang it on the tree.

Opening that package really made my day. Thank you so much Secret Santa. I can't wait to find out who you are!


  1. Shoot, Betty...I was good with the Reeses! Well actually fruitcake but that's between us!!! Then you got all that other stuff...SWEET!...:)JP

  2. Those are some cool things you got from your secret Santa! I think we can narrow it down to someone who lives in Colorado! lol My husband likes his Reeses in the refrigerator. I like them room temperature.

  3. OH Betty!! I just about FELL out of my are such a tease!!! What a great collection of well thought out gifts!! Super. Just super. Merry have certainly brought several smiles to my stressed face this past week!!! Merry Christmas Friend!!!

  4. Oh, wow, Betty!! You did get some really cool stuff from your Secret Santa and how fun that Santa knows you so well!! Kris

  5. I was shocked when you said $5K - I wish you had won it - bit you sire did get a great array of gifts - matching your personality. I know you love cats! sandie

  6. Hi Betty! You really have a Secret Santa who knows all about you! Hmmm...they must like to read your blog!
    You received some treasures. I bet you will enjoy it all. I wish you had won that lottery! Drat! It would be so much fun to buy a winning ticket! I once read about a guy who bought a ticket, won $50,000 and bought a second ticket a week later and won the same money again! Suck luck!
    I would sure like to try that cook book!I love them. My SIL Cheri says she is addicted to cookbooks. Me too! Somewhere I have a cookbook about cooking with popcorn! Ha Ha!
    Enjoy that sweet chocolate too! What a loved person you are.
    Hugs Annr

  7. That is so neat that she took the time to figure out what you like and wanted. Very nice

  8. What a thoughtful Secret Santa!

  9. Oh Betty, what fun!!! Your SS was very, very thoughtful. And I loved the story of the Home Depot box, too! :)

  10. Santa looked deep into his bag and pulled out just what you wanted. Very nice package.

  11. Wow. I totally believed you won 5,000! That would be the ultimate SS gift. :) I'm from Arkansas but I didn't draw your name. :(... I've been makin rounds too. Still haven't figured mine out. Good luck and Merry Christmas

  12. Wow! I was already spending your winnings... The joke was on us. Hope your SS didn't have a heart attack or anything when she read that. ;) Happy Christmas.

  13. Wow, you have a very sweet/thoughtful secret Santa....

    I need to try freezing the Reeses.....I'd eat them slower. I love frozen grapes....

  14. Your secret Santa sounds like a gem!

  15. You had a wonderful Santa. Frozen Reeses that sounds interesting! May try that sometime when I want a break from counting calories! Not going to have any in there now...I will just want to keep eating them.

    Hope you find your secret Santa!



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