Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Alphabe-Thursday...those crazy days of Christmas

I thought I'd jump in here today with an Alphabe-Thursday Christmas break post. We're taking a couple of weeks off from our regularly scheduled alphabet related post and posting a holiday link. To visit other participants head over to Ms. Jenny's blog, Jenny Matlock..."off on my tangent."

My holiday decorations are starting to drive me crazy. I spent the better part of two days trying to get the lights to work on the wreath for our front door. You know how it can drive you crazy when one light goes out and then a bunch of others go off with the burnt out one? Well, I decided to buy one of those Light Keeper Pros. It said on the package that you could fix light sets quickly and easily. I bought mine at Target, but I noticed on Amazon that it got a lot of really good reviews. I enlisted Murphy to help with this project.

I took the wreath down and tried the first thing the directions suggest which is to plug an empty light socket into the Light Keeper Pro and pull the trigger up to 30 times. The set is supposed to light up and the burnt out one will remain off and be obvious. I tried a few different sockets and then decided to try the second method which is to take out the bulbs one by one and test them in the bulb tester located on the top of the Light Keeper Pro. I quickly realized I'd have to mark each one with a Sharpie as I tested it or I'd lose track since the string was wrapped around the wreath randomly. So, I spent two hours testing the unlit bulbs. When I got back to where I had begun I realized that now more lights were out. That's when I gave up!

I'm sure the Light Keeper Pro works great for other people, but for me it was a bust. Please blame the operator and not the Light Keeper Pro. I ended up taking the light string off the wreath and buying a new one. Of course, that was no simple task since most of the stores were now out of white lights. I drove from store to store and finally found some at Walgreens. The wreath is now completely lit and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it stays that way until after Christmas.

Then this morning I was sitting in the den reading the newspaper when I happened to notice the Christmas tree shaking. I know it shakes a little when the cats walk under the tree, but this time it was shaking way too much. That's when I discovered this...

My first instinct was to grab the camera. My second instinct was to grab the cat. I think Zoom was glad when I grabbed her because she was having a hard time trying to figure out how to get out. She kept trying to go to the end of the branch, but the branch kept bending.

I hope everyone has a good holiday. Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah!

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  1. Oh, Betty, that crazy, darling Zoom. She is all grown up! What a cute picture. I just heard something break somewhere in the house and I am sure it involves a cat and a decoration.

  2. I thought for sure that Little Liz would be fascinated by the tree, but she doesn't seem to care. She will be interested in her stocking, though, after Santa comes!!

  3. We came home to half the hedge unlit last night. And both of us tried to fix the one strand. I gave up too. I just stretched the lights to cover the rest of the hedge. Oh well. Too funny about the cat. They are curious aren't they. Merry Christmas!~Ames

  4. This is so cute, Betty. Those two shots are priceless. Merry Christmas to you and yours. xo

  5. The back of our tree didn't light up for the longest time. My husband spent a morning finding the bulb that was leading the others stray.

  6. You have been working so hard on those lights! Finally you got them working.

    And your kitten in the tree - how cute - but I'm glad it didn't come down on you!

    I wish you a very Merry Christmas.


  7. That is so funny! Not the light part, the cat part. Every pic I take of working on a wreath has a cat sitting in the middle. Sigh. ~ Maureen

  8. Precious ornaments, I like the Christmas decorations, to live a delicious Christmas surrounded by color and joy.

  9. Your wreath is beautiful at the end! I don't like working on finding a dead light bulb either..too much time consuming.

    Wishing you and your family a great Christmas, and a wonderful New Year!

  10. Those 2 captures are wonderful!

    Season’s greetings and a Happy New Year to you and yours!

    It’s been such fun stopping by here this past year and look forward to *seeing* you again in 2012!

  11. Oh, that Zoom! She's got to be the cutest trouble-maker I've ever seen. =>

  12. Oh my! So glad you rescued your kitty out of the Christmas tree before it all went down! Luckily my cats never seems to be attracted to climbing my tree..they do like to lie under it, however.

    Christmas lights are our least favorite part of the holiday .. I hate untangling them and dealing with whole sections blacking out. I give my husband the job of checking them..lol!

    Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!

  13. Every single Christmas either the lights on the tree or on the house give us fits. It never fails! Whey don't they just make them better? I'd be happy to pay more.


  14. Christmas sure can be complicated! :))

  15. Love the cat in the tree. Sorry about the lighting frustration...but who needs lights when you have such a unique furball ornament as that!? Merry Christmas!

  16. Such a cute pic with your cat in the middle of the tree - free entertainment with a pet:) Merry Christmas!

  17. Oh Betty! This just made me laugh!

    I remember our tree years when we had a resident cat!

    What a fun picture! I'm glad your tree didn't topple over like ours did several years until we learned to fasten it to the wall!

    Sending you warm wishes for a lovely, healthy and creative 2012.

    Hugs from Arizona.


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