Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Blogger In Draft And An Update...

Anyone else use Blogger In Draft?  They've made some changes recently and I guess it will just take time to adjust.  It seems as if everything is different now, but in time I might like it better.

I haven't been reading or posting much lately, but I purchased Family Tree Maker 2011 and I'm trying to enter all of the genealogy information I've had in manila folders since the 1980's.  With so much online now I'd like to take up where I left off a couple of decades ago.  I've been slowed down because I entered some information incorrectly and I'm trying to figure out how to fix the mistake before I move on. 

I was also recently contacted by someone who might be a relative.  Her grandfather was listed in the 1900 Census as being a brother of my grandfather, but my mother told me that he had lived with the family for a while and then returned.  She didn't think he was ever adopted by them and she didn't know if he was related.  The person that contacted me had been told something completely different.  She had always been told that he was my great grandparents' biological child and they weren't able to keep him.  A mystery to be solved.

Today Reid is having all his scans and tests down at MD Anderson.  Jim took him down this morning for his first appointment at 6:30 AM and I think the last one is around 3:00 this afternoon.  Tomorrow he has to be down there by 7:00 AM for a blood draw, a pulmonary function test, and his appointment with the stem cell doctor.  We'll both be with him when he gets the results.  By all outward appearances he seems to be doing well, but we never know until he gets the results.  Afterwards he has an appointment for the clinical trial drug/placebo, so it will be another long day.  Your prayers are appreciated.

Another feral cat had been showing up at mealtime.  I had seen this cat over the last couple of years and assumed it must have been a male because it never appeared to be pregnant, but I never could get close enough to get a good look.  Then we brought our other cats inside while we had a tree taken down and slab work done.  I still put food out for the feral cat and when I went out one morning I saw a kitten run under the deck.  Guess I was wrong about "Blackie" being a male. 

This is Blackie eating in the garage:

The kitten is like a ghost and there's no way I can get close enough to take a picture.  I tried taking one through the window, but it's not very good.

The kitten looks older...maybe three months?  We'll get the trap down this weekend and put it on the deck so they can get used to seeing it.  If they're still around in a few weeks we'll try and catch them and have them fixed and vaccinated.  I had hoped there would be no more kittens after we had the others fixed a year ago, but I'm afraid there are a lot of ferals we just never see.  If only people would spay and neuter their pets.

Take care...


  1. Oh my, so there is Blackie and a partial sighting of the kitten. You are so good to take care of these homeless babies. omg will be praying for Reid.

  2. Good to have your update. All best wishes. xx

  3. My prayers are with you for your son...take them they are yours...:)JP

  4. I do pray that all of Reid's tests results come back good and cancer free! I'm glad that you have your family tree installed on your computer now! It's fun putting all that info in. Let me know if you think I can help with your problem and I'll see if I can help figure it out. I haven't looked at mine in a long time.

    Sigh... feral cats can be a big problem. I'm not sure if that is what slashed my Jazz' eye or not. My mom seems to end up with those around her house too. As soon as she gets rid of them all another one will show up. Unfortunately there was a mother cat in her garage. A dog came through and killed the mother and a kitten. Mom now has 2 kittens in her house. She doesn't want them and I don't either. I don't know what to do about it.


  5. I'll keep Reid in my thoughts and prayers as always, Betty!

    You are so good to neuter the feral cats to come by your place! It is such a shame that so many kittens are born this way.

  6. I haven't used blogger since they've made changes, guess I'll try it out today.......I hope the changes are good ones.

    My prayers are with Reid for good results....healing.

    We have a couple of feral cats in our front flower bed....we're in the process of trying to trap them to have them neutered and spayed.....oh how I wish everyone would spay and neuter. Cats reproduce so quickly.


  7. HOW IS REID?????

    And if you go back to the old editor - I don't believe it changed in blogger - at least mine didn't.

    Prayers for Reid!

  8. Keeping Reid in my thoughts and hoping he gets all good news.
    Feral cats are getting to be a bigger and bigger problem around here. I think one turned up rabid not too long ago.

  9. Spay and newter. My favorite phrase. What is so hard about that?


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