Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Alphabe-Thursday..."L" as in too many LAWYERS

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Yes, I've been following the Casey Anthony trial.  Mostly I've had the TV on as background noise and then I'd rush in during breaks in the trial and listen to the TV LAWYERS dissect everything that was said or done.  I have mixed emotions about trials being telecast.  Yes, I do enjoy following them, but I hate to see them turned into a media circus. 

I'm really tired of all the "expert" LAWYERS giving their opinions.  There's just too much of that going on.  Personally, the LAWYER I dislike the most is Nancy Grace.  I caught a few minutes of her show after the verdict.  Yes, the verdict was disappointing to most of us, but Nancy Grace really likes to get people fired up and she'd better be careful.  There are plenty of nuts in the world and it doesn't take much to get some of them riled up.  The last thing we need is some crazy person taking a gun and shooting a lawyer, juror or an Anthony family member.  I heard Casey's parents left the courtroom quickly after the verdict because there have been death threats made against them.

Since the verdict I've heard comments made about the jurors too.  My personal favorite is the one LEGAL "expert" that feels the jurors were victims of the Stockholm Syndrome because they sat across from the defense table and formed some kind of relationship with Casey.  Then Nancy Grace commented on how they wouldn't even talk to the press and got on the bus and left town.  Of course, it was said with sarcasm.  I believe they've been away from their families for weeks and with the press stirring up emotions it's probably not safe for them to be identified at this time anyway.  I don't agree with their verdict as I would have liked to have seen Casey convicted of 2nd degree murder and sentenced to life in prison, but I wasn't on the jury and they were.  I respect their opinion even though I disagree.  The talking LAWYERS on TV shouldn't be listing some of their flaws on television juror by juror.  Have you seen that done?  At least these people showed up for jury duty and didn't try and get out of serving like many citizens in this country do.  I don't believe they went into this case with the idea of getting Casey off.  They listened to the evidence presented and didn't believe the state proved their case beyond a reasonable doubt.
Yes, I've had it with LAWYERS on TV. 

If you're called for jury duty don't make up an excuse and try to get out of serving.  That's another one of my pet peeves.  I believe we should all be honored to serve.  The American system of justice isn't perfect, but I believe it is the best in the world and we should all be willing to do our part when called.  I had a friend that told me she'd never tell me again how she got out of jury duty because I made her feel guilty with my little lecture.  She had breast cancer many years ago and would see her Oncologist once a year for a check-up.  When called for jury duty she'd tell them that she was under the care of an Oncologist and they'd excuse her every time.  She wasn't exactly lying, but she wasn't exactly telling the truth either. 

Let's honor Caylee's memory by showing up for jury duty and proudly serving.  That's something constructive we can all do.

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Edited: July 7th, 2011 - I just realized I had inadvertently written "Let's honor Casey's memory..." when I meant Caylee's.  It's Caylee's memory we want to honor and I've changed it in the above post.  It's was definitely a typo.


  1. I have to admit that I too have been addicted to watching the trial.
    I kept wishing through the entire trial, that someone would stand up and confess....dream on.

    I'm with you on Nancy Grace. She loves getting people excited and angry.....when I hear her voice, I change channels.
    I hope all is well with you and your family!

  2. I respect their opinion even though I disagree.Me Too!
    and yes there is always to many Lawyers,seeking fame and fortune.
    I just can't seem to get the terrible pictures out of my mind,God has his loving arms wrapped around this angel, she just had to go home too soon!
    Great L word, I've been Listening to Loud Lids a popping,come see!

  3. I felt she should have gotten more than she will. Most likely she will walk out a free person now having served so much jail time. I question our legal system. I always enjoyed getting a notice for jury duty. Now I am too old.

  4. Betty, this is an absolutely wonderful post!! I sincerely hope that everyone will take the time to read it.

    Casey Anthony may have avoided life in the state prison, but she will forever live in a prison she built with her own two hands.

    Rod loves to be called for jury duty, but me, not so much. I have been called many times, and I always go, but I have never been chosen to serve. I'm not sure I would be a very good juror, because over the years I have become very wary in trusting what people say.

    You did an excellent job on this post!

  5. I loved your post and Judie's comment. They are both right on.

  6. It was truly a circus. You did a great job on this post!~Ames

  7. Well this I know is that I am so thankful Caylee is in Heaven - have you read the book Heaven is for Real of a little boy who went to Heaven. It was a beautiful story!

  8. I'm with others on hating how this ended, and I'll honor Caylee's memory...not Caseys. I often wonder how some lawyers sleep at night, although like every other profession, some are much worse than others. Great post.

  9. honestly, i wish they would not televise cases, i wish the media would be banned, and i wish they would let the legal system do it's work without someone seeking the fame they may get from being televised ... as for the this case ... so sad ... a child's life is lost and no one in her immediate family really didn't seem to care ... escaping the attention of the law was all that they seemed to care about ... what a sorry group of people ...

  10. I agree with you that something just isn't right with her story. Sadly, though, the state wasn't able to provide proof. And that is the name of the game.
    And I would love to serve jury duty. I got called on once, right after I had a baby that I was nursing so I couldn't do it.

  11. Since I am not living in the States, I did not know they were televising this sad trial (and others, I then presume) with all the circus of "sports-like" commentary. It gives me the chills to hear about this kind of sensationalizing. And having been called to the bar myself (several decades ago and not practicing), with many lawyer friends, I can assure you not all lawyers are sharks or sensationalists, at least not in Canada from where I hail.

  12. That little girl's smile haunts me...

  13. What a precious little girl...No trial could bring her back, which is so sad.


  14. I didn't see the trial. I think the whole situation would have depressed me. Very sad.

  15. You know, I really didn't follow any of this. There are so many children in this country who are abused and killed every year that don't get 1% of the coverage this crime did. Just a shameful waste of human life.

  16. I hear one of this case's jurors say today that "just because we didn't find her guilty, doesn't mean we think Casey is innocent" WHAT??

    I'm shocked and saddened to think a murderer goes free, but I wasn't there for the trial to hear all the evidence and therefore I can't judge.

    I do jury duty every six years, as called. It is always an interesting process.

  17. sad,
    blessings, hope the issue is resolved.

  18. I've been so out of the loop with news from the US that I didn't hear about this case until after it had concluded. Japanese new normally don't cover trials like this from the US.

    I don't know much about the details of the case or what each side had presented so I can't say much about the lawyers and the jurors. All I do know is that there are 12 jurors that make this decision and for them to reach the verdict they made, a lot of discussing and debate must have gone on in the room that none of us are aware of. We can only believe that the decision they made must have been carefully thought out and decided on, right?

    As for jury duty, I love serving on jury duty. Unfortunately, I was only called in once during the time when I was living in the US and even then I was never called to serve on a jury panel. Ever since I moved abroad, I have been called to serve several times but because of the distance from Japan to California, I could never fulfill my duty.

  19. This whole thing has been so disturbing. Not sure what's going on out here in Arizona lately...politics, kooks, haboobs...

    The sad thing is it seems in all the circus performances everyone forgot to honor the lost angel.

    thanks for a thoughtful and thought provoking link this week.



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