Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday Show and Tail...My Sweet Little Sophie

Welcome to Tuesday's Show and Tail sponsored by Angela over at West Virginia Treasures.  A list of this week's participants and information on how you can join in are posted on her blog.

Our sweet Sophie has had an e-coli infection in her kidneys.  I suspect she had it for a while and I didn't realize because this dog has NEVER gone in the house.  Even when Reid was in the hospital and she'd have to wait ten hours to go out she never went in the house.  Then one day I came home from the store and didn't put her out right away.  She had an accident in the hallway and I blamed myself for not getting her out right away.  It did seem very unusual, but she was excited to see me and had waited a while, so I dismissed it as a one time thing.  Then she went in the house two more times in the next few days and that's when I suspected something was wrong and brought her to the Veterinarian.

She was treated for a bladder infection, but the infection didn't get better.  Then it was discovered that it was e-coli, but it still didn't get better on the oral medication.  Eventually she had a sonogram and we were told it was in her kidneys.  She started daily injections.  I gave her the first six shots, but then she knew it was coming and would move on us, so the last shots were given at the Veterinary Clinic.  Last week I took her every day for three days so they could try and flush out her kidneys with IV's.  I would leave her for the day and bring her home in the evening.  They left the thing in for the IV, so we had to make sure she didn't pull it out.

The funny thing is that this happy go-lucky dog still loves to go the the Veterinarian.  I've never had a dog like that before and I was afraid all of this would make her change her mind, but I took her yesterday and she was still happy.

Yesterday they got a sterile urine sample to send off the the lab.  We'll have the results in a few days and I'm hoping she'll be OK now.

We've only had her for around six years and she was six when we adopted her.  She had never had an X-ray before, but the Veterinarian took one a couple of weeks ago.  She showed me the X-ray.  At some point in her life someone shot her.  You can see the buckshot in the X-ray.  Why someone would shoot such a sweet dog is beyond my ability to comprehend.  I felt like crying.

All of our pets are rescues and I wish they could talk and tell us their stories.

Now head over to Angela's blog so you can visit other animal posts today.


  1. Oh, Betty! That is so sad about what you found in the x-ray. Hope Sophie gets over her infection soon.

  2. Oh my gosh! Your poor pup sure has been through a lot Betty! I've never heard of a dog getting something like that! I can't believe someone would have shot her either! I hope her test comes back normal! She sure is a cutie!

    Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

  3. Oh Sophie is beautiful and so lucky to have owners who go the distance for her. I hope she feels better soon and I have never had a dog that was happy to go to the vet either. She's a sweetie! Ann

  4. Poor doggie! I hope she gets better soon.

  5. Thank God this sweet dog has you.....it breaks my heart what some animals have to endure.
    Hoping she's good as new soon!
    She's very pretty.... even with the cone.

  6. First of all your little one is so cute and sweet and I hope he's well now. I know that is a lot of worry and expense.

    We have a rescue dog and he is so grateful to have been rescued. He tries (lol) to behave all the time.

    I wish I knew his story too.

    Your guy was shot? Awful!

  7. Never heard of that before. Sad, but we do hope she recovers soon!


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