Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Alphabe-Thursday..."H" as in HELP!

Welcome once again to Alphabe-Thursday sponsored by Ms. Jenny over at Jenny Matlock..."off on my tangent."  Head over to Ms. Jenny's blog for a list of this week's participants and information on how you can participate.

This week we are studying the letter "H" as in HELP.

HELP, it's been HOTTER than H_ _ _ here lately!

For the first six days of the month we've broken records or tied records every day except June 3rd when we were two degrees lower.

•June 1: 98° (98° in 1998)

•June 2: 100° (97° in 2008)

•June 3: 96° (98° in 1960)

•June 4: 98° (96° in 1990)

•June 5: 105° (98° in 1977)

•June 6: 105° (98° in 1980)

This is considered a subtropical climate, so then you factor in HUMIDITY too and it's miserable!
HELP!  I need sympathy.  We're back in the low 90's today.  It's a cool spell.  That's what they call it on the weather report which I always find humorous.
I think we probably spend more time indoors from May - October than they do during the winter months in places like Wisconsin and Michigan.  We won't get a break until mid to late October.  HELP!

Yes, I know it might be HOT where you live, but it probably won't last as long.  While you're raking leaves in the fall we'll still be sweating.  HELP!
HELP!  This is a blogger question.  I changed my E-mail address from AOL to GMail.  However, when I first started my blog I used the AOL address and I still have to sign into blogger with that as my "name."  It's the name that appears on the sign in screen automatically and there's no way to change it that I can figure out.  I was able to change my E-mail address so that all comments come to GMail, so that's not the problem.  I would just like to sign in once for blogger and GMail and have everything the same. 
I did see a similar question posted on another blog and someone said that the name you first use for blogger is then considered your blog name and can't be changed.  That just doesn't seem right to me.  I can't find a way to change it, so it might just be true.  HELP!
HELP!  I recently read something on another blog that led me to believe that after you post a certain number of photos on blogger they start charging you.  Is that true?  I just take them from my computer each time and slap them into my posts.  Is that going to catch up with me after a while?
HELP!  I couldn't think of much for the letter "H" and next week it's the letter "I" and I need HELP.  That's going to be a very difficult assignment.  Could you all send me ideas or suggestions for the letter "I"???  Would Ms. Matlock consider that cheating?  Just pass me a note under the desk and she'll never know.
Now head over to Ms. Jenny's blog and visit some of your fellow classmates.


  1. Anonymous6:16 PM

    You are so funny,thanks for the laughs, I think your H words are fantastic, and I agree blogger is makin' me have bad thoughts,teehehe.
    Hot Hot Hot, yep what happen to spring,Fall Fell,Spring Sprung and Summer is here and it's hot as h---!
    I love hot weather though! I'd rather be hot than cold,call me crazy,hubby does!
    Next up the letter I...should be very interesting.

  2. That's funny. Clearly you have never suffered a Miss Jenny's not pretty.

    I use a lot of pictures and I haven't been charged, but I do hear if you go over your allotted space they charge you a nominal fee. I never post my pictures any larger than "large."

    I can't help you with the heatwave as we are in the mid to high 90s here with 89% humidity. Like you said, ours is supposed to break after tomorrow.

  3. I definitely do not like the heat so I would be most uncomfortable in your heat. Hope you get some relief soon!

  4. Anonymous9:27 PM

    We've been pretty hot too, but at least we've got thunderstorms to give us a few days of relief. I do know you will be charged after a certain amount of space is used, but I know you can upload pictures to some places (maybe Flicker) and use those so it's free. Can't help you on any of the others.


  5. I remember I also changed my email and sign-in name. I just sign in through gmail with my user gmail name and then go to and I am already sign in. sometimes I go to my blog and sign in with my gmail info and that works as well.

    you might try either one. I do think there is a way to change it but I have no clue at the moment. Sorry.


    And yes, after you used up a certain amount of memory for photos, you do have to pay to upgrade for more space but it's inexpensive. That's never been a problem for me since I delete photos I no longer use from blogs I no longer runs. You can go to your picasa web album and check - the amount you are using should be listed at the bottom - the same way it displays at gmail. You do have to be sign in to blogger to see your photo album.


    the temperature is going high here in NY also but not as hot as yours. I hope you get to cool off soon.

  6. Big sympathy from up here on the Pacific northwest of Canada. We never get very hot up here - it's a truly moderate climate. We lived for one year in Oklahoma and I thought I'd never survive the summer.
    Thanks for asking those questions - I've wondered too!

  7. I want to live in the Pacific Northwest like "pondside". Where it never gets hot like this. It's true, I spend so much time in Atlanta living inside that it's like being trapped. I always get into a claustrophobic hysteria in these Atlanta summers. No rain in sight. We gotta get out of the south, Betty!

  8. Hot and humid in southeast Florida too! We picked the same word for "h"! Looks like you are getting some good advise on your questions.

  9. The only I word that comes to mind right now is Irony! Hope that helps. :)

  10. For I
    In-love, In-teresting, in-tense,
    in-seperable ....imortal

    I guess in-love doesn't qualify but is there a rule against it?


  11. We are still pretty cool here, it doesn't get very hot up here at 6500 feet.

    We pay in the winter though...

    Stay cool sweetie!!!

  12. Fun post.

    The temperature is bad enough, but it's that humidity that kills ya!



  13. I have tried to switch my login. It should be possible.

  14. As a fairly new blogger, I really appreciated the feedback you are getting on Google, and am learning! It's been really hot here, too, so you have my sympathy!

  15. Betty, I know what you mean when you say that you stay in from May to October because of the heat!! I live in a suburb of Phoenix where it is very hot during the summer but thankfully we don't have the horrible humidity. Actually our summer days, tho hot, are pleasant except for monsoon time when we do get humidity.
    For "I" why don't you blog about our "insane" gas prices?

  16. I've never heard about blogger allowing for just so many pictures. I've been on blogger for four years, and no one's ever said that or charged me $$ - and I use a lot of photos. Don't know about the gmail name thing - my husband and I both use gmail, and we have different names. My storybeader name is usually what comes up when I log in, but I'm on the computer more than he is. It's the last person who used the gmail, that's the name that comes up. Hope this HELPS {:-D

  17. We grew up on the East Coast and lived on Army bases in the south - know what you mean when you talk about heat & humidity.

    Now we are in Northern Wisconsin & today was a high of 52 degrees - 40 ( yes! 40 )degrees cooler than yesterday - for us that is be so hot especially in early June. I am liking 52 a lot more!

  18. Betty, I live in Tucson, so believe me, I KNOW what hot is! O.k., so it's a "dry heat" but it still sucks the life out of you!!!

  19. It's amazing that you still have not melted !
    In Belgium too we have very unusual high temperatures this year and it's only spring we went up to 87. It had never happened since the weather station was created in 18hundred something !
    You are lucky, the majority of people have no airconditioning, so if it's really hot we have to hide in supermarkets or shops !

  20. I send my prayers and thoughts of sympathy for you being so hot - we are close but not that hot.

    I hope so of the others had answers for you because I don't - sorry.

    I have heard a lot of people mention using their space up. Some go and delete the early pictures.

    Just an idea.

  21. What a cute post!

    I need help with the heat, too. And it seems like the older I get the worst the heat feels. I wish I had an answer for you, cuz I'd use it for me.

    As for the rest of the questions, I am going to be no help whatsoever!

    But I'll still give you an A+ for this fun link.


  22. your "H" post!
    Whew!! We are in the heat of summer temps too! Today was a wee bit "cooler" at 89 degrees. (And to think that my hubby's birthplace and his family have enjoyed some snowfall this Hawaii! (yep, on the volcano -Mauna Kea).

    Oh please do share anything else you learn about really? you can get charged for too many photos? How do you know what your limit is or where you are til you've maxed out?

    Blessings & Aloha!
    Thank you for stopping by!!! Love to find your comments.

  23. That's miserably hot! I'm so sorry! Where I live, our summers last about half of the year too! So far, it's been downright cool though! I'm hoping the summer won't be too bad. We always have some horrendous (like 115) days.

    Keep cool!


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