Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Another Quick Tip

Today I have a laundry tip that I learned from Keith. 

I always had trouble when I'd wash bedspreads or slipcovers.  They would always roll up tightly in the dryer as the drum went around, and then come out full of wrinkles.  I think it was always worse with the dryer I have now, but when I called the manufacturer they claimed it happens with all dryers.  I would try and remember to open the dryer door every 15 minutes or so and unroll the bedspread or slipcover, but within a few minutes it would happen again.

Then Keith told me the secret for wrinkle free bedspreads and slipcovers.

Not the dog, but the tennis balls.  (I would suggest buying brand new tennis balls.)  You just toss three of them into the dryer with whatever it is that keeps getting rolled up and wrinkled.  I've found that the items still get rolled a little, but loosely rolled and there are no wrinkles.

Keith said he learned this tip at the laundromat from the lady that works there.  Maybe some of you already know this one, but it was new to me.


  1. They sell some blue balls at the store just for that. I have them, but not sure they work so great Betty. Wrinkles yes - but when something is rolled tight - no.

  2. Interesting tip! I've never heard that before.

  3. I have an apartment size washer and dryer so I bring them to the laundromat. I'll have to try that trick. Take care.

  4. omg the dog picture is a riot.


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