Monday, December 06, 2010

He's home...

We brought Reid home from the hospital last night.  He's very, very sick from the chemo.  It must have been a cumulative thing because we could see his condition change day by day.

He's vulnerable to infection and has to take antibiotic, anti fungal, and antiviral medications in addition to medication for nausea and all of his pain meds.  He woke up around 7 this morning and took some of the meds and went right back to sleep.  He's extremely fatigued.

I'm busy this morning cleaning the house, but my back hurts and I'm worn out from going back and forth to the hospital the last few days.  I just want to have everything as clean as possible to help avoid infection.

I can't even think about Christmas and have no idea when and if we'll get up any decorations this year.  I'd like to, but I just don't know when I'll find the time or energy to go over to the storage shed and bring everything over here and then put it up!  Besides, if all the chemo goes according to schedule he'll be pretty sick at Christmas time.

Tonight he has to be back at the hospital for a shot at 6:00.  This shot has to be given 24 hours after chemo is finished.  Jim is going to come home a little early so he can drive.  I just have too much trouble seeing to drive at night now.

This was the view from Reid's hospital room.  It's a little dark, but the tall buildings in the distance on the right and left are condominiums and I believe the building in the middle is the VA Hospital.
Now I've got to get back to cleaning...


  1. Oh, Betty, I wish Reid didn't feel so awful. He must feel so trapped right now.

  2. Sleep is the best thing. I always had such a hard time sleeping (still do!) so let him just sleep sleep sleep. You are all in my heart. Please let him know that if he ever wants to email or talk about it or the process then let me know. The ICE treatments are tough. Do they know yet which chemo they will use for his stem cell transplant? Is he getting his own or donor cells?

  3. Christmas is Christmas wherever loved ones are together. Let the tinsel get dusty in its box! My best and most restorative wishes to Reid.

  4. Oh, Betty. My heart is with you and Reid. Lots of love from Simi and me in Sicily. xx woof!

  5. Oh Betty, I am just reading about your brother..... please know that I've added him/your family to my prayer list.

  6. Betty, many prayers for you all continue. I wish I were closer. I would put up your decorations for you. Take it as easy as you can on yourself. And please let Reid know he is in my special prayers.


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