Friday, October 15, 2010


It's strange how animals sometimes instinctively know when something is wrong.

Little Ashely was one of the feral kittens that was living in our backyard.  I told the story here.   It seems his mother left him behind and took his litter mates away for a few days.  Ashley was crying in the garage, so we caught him with a humane trap and brought him inside.  He hid under the bed in the guest room and wouldn't come out.  At the time Reid was having radiation and was very tired so he offered to go in that room and sleep.  Eventually, he lured Ashley out from under the bed.  Ever since Ashely follows him around the house and sits outside his bedroom door and cries.

Reid has been in severe pain with the recurrence of his Hodgkin's.  Ashely seems to know and stays even closer.

Reid's pain has gotten continually worse and on Tuesday I went down to MD Anderson and got a prescription for the stronger medication.  It didn't help and today when he had his appointment with the Oncologist he got another prescription that he can use along with the first one.  It's taken the edge off, but he's still in a lot of pain.  He'll be seen in their pain clinic on the 25th.

He's been told that he'll need a stem cell transplant which will give him a 50-50 chance of being cured.  Hopefully, next week he'll have a biopsy and then the chemo can begin shortly thereafter.  We're assuming this is a recurrence of the Hodgkin's and not something else, but a biopsy is necessary.

He'll also be seen in their brain and spine clinic on the 22nd to see if they think he could benefit from radiation to the spine.  And he's set up with an appointment with an interventional radiologist on the 28th.

It isn't easy watching your child in this kind of matter how old the child.  I've been on the verge of pulling a Shirley MacLaine on more than one occasion.  He's been through so much this past year and yet he still manages to smile.

Now Reid waits for word on when "Plan B" can be implemented.  Ashely waits at his side.

Thank you for your warm thoughts and prayers.


  1. Ashley sounds and looks a wonderful cat. I'm sure it isn't easy for you, Betty , and my thoughts are with you always.

  2. Betty, I'm so, so sorry. I can't imagine how difficult this is for you all...and to watch your wonderful son suffer must be the worst kind of pain.

    My thoughts and prayers continue for you all!

    Hugs and hope,

  3. Hi, Betty, cats and dogs always know when their humans are in trouble, don't they. All positive thoughts for Plan B going into action very very soon.

  4. It is nice to have a kitten comfort you. I hope things go well for you and your son. Karmen

  5. Hi Betty, I'm here by way of Sew Primitive to tell you that Reid and your family will be in my prayers. I'm sorry he is having to deal with this recurrence and pain.
    I'm praying you are wrapped in comfort, peace and wisdom as you face this challenge day to day.
    Your cats look like wonderful creatures. I love how you all love them.

  6. Betty, it's Ally. I miss your posts and your wonderful personality. I'm sending continual prayers for Reid's recovery.

  7. This is such a sweet story about the darling cat laying beside Reid. How touching. Please let Reid know I'm praying for him. Lots of hugs.

  8. Hi Betty, I am so sorry for your loss, first of all, and than watching your child in pain - I am sending New Jersey hugs (even though I'm not originally from here, but lived here for 30 years).
    I will be thinking of you, and hoping that your son will get better soon!

    My dad had chronic pain and it's hard to stand by, I wouldn't blame you a bit for pulling a Shirley Mclaine!
    I'm glad I could cheer you up a bit with my NJ pix!

  9. Hi Betty. This is Danielle. You found my blog the other day. Yes, I have Re-current Hodgkin's Lymphoma. I am just starting my stem cell transplant. Was checked into the hospital at Moffitt in Tampa yesterday. It has been overwhelming, each step. Some things are easier than I anticipated which is good.
    I am 33 years old and was first diagnosed on May 20, 2008. Was clear up until July 28, 2010.

    Please contact me again. It is always helpful to be in touch with someone that is in a similar "boat" so to speak.
    My email is
    and i am trying to keep up with my blog too.

    Many radiant thoughts to you and your son Reid.


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