Thursday, October 28, 2010

Moving forward...

Reid had his pre-biopsy appointment this morning and now he's all set for tomorrow's procedure.

He'll have to stay for a while afterwards to make sure air doesn't leak like it did after his chest biopsy last year.  The one thing he doesn't want is another chest tube.  The Physician's Assistant told him that what happened last time is unusual and probably won't happen again.

Last week a package arrived from one of my doll friends.  She sent Reid the crocheted shawl that he's wearing in this picture.  It comes in handy when the A/C is running.  He was so pleased that she thought of him.  Thanks Mary!  (And thanks for mine too!)

We bought Reid a recliner last week since he sometimes finds it more comfortable to be sitting up in a chair with a high back.  That shiny thing in the picture is a Zip Lock bag full of ice.  He finds that helps some too, but the thing that has helped the most is the change in medications.  He actually was able to go out with a friend for lunch one day this week and to Friday's to watch the Rockets play the other night.  That's a big change since he hadn't been able to go anywhere for almost a month!  He still hasn't driven because he's lost some use of the left hand, but his friend picked him up.
So, we're off to MD Anderson first thing tomorrow morning for the biopsy.  Your warm thoughts and prayers are appreciated.


  1. The shawl is lovely, and a cat on the lap always helps.

  2. What a thoughtful gift from Mary. Thoughts are with you as always. x

  3. That precious Ashley, being a good pal to Reid. What good news that he got to go out with a friend after being not able to for a month. Best wishes for a good outcome with the biopsy.

  4. I'm so glad he can wrap himself in cozy love whenever he is chilly.

    Sending prayers for you all!

    Hugs and hope!

  5. I'm keeping Reid in my prayers Betty! I hope all went well with his biopsy.


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