Saturday, February 06, 2010

PINK Saturday Picture again...

The picture won't enlarge in my original PINK Saturday post. Hopefully the picture will enlarge when clicked on here. I've been told that if the picture is moved around in the compose screen it might not enlarge. So, I uploaded the picture and didn't move it.
I still have no idea why when published my double spacing between paragraphs doesn't always appear. A post that should take ten minutes sometimes takes an hour while I try and pull the post and get my double spacing to appear. So often it's fine in the preview, but not when published. Other times there's no problem. Sigh.


  1. That's a great picture! HPS

    Sorry to hear about the problem with blogger..

  2. I wasn't happy with blogger last night either. Love your Pinks. Happy Pink Saturday. Don't forget to visit me. It is your only chance to enter my giveaway.

  3. Betty how fun! I love the diner~~~~! Love the detail! Eventually I'm going to make a 1/12th diner, I luckily got the American Girl mini set half off before they discontinued it. Love your dolls, they are cute! Btw, I have more minis at my website,
    Good to meet you! Happy Pink Saturday!

  4. That picture is so cute. Looks like a soda shop I visited in the early 60's. Saddle shoes and all.
    Tin and sparkle

  5. After all your blogging problems, your pink showing turned out fine. Seems a lot of people are having different blog issues lately. It does take up a lot time, at least for me. I just cannot sit down and do all the steps in a few minutes. If you are not careful, you can be on it for hours before you know it.

  6. What a darling picture, Betty! Perfect for Pink Saturday!

    Hope yours was a happy one!


    Sheila :-)

  7. Betty-Betty-Betty... love the picture... it's GREAT!

    but there is no French Lique, Texas... I made it up... (don't tell anybody... okay?)...

    We live about 15 miles east of San Antonio off IH10... my booth is in Geronimo, Texas... just outside Seguin. Hope that helps...

    hugs... Dixie

  8. I love your cute photo. Blogger was giving me trouble last night, too.
    Take care,

  9. The diner is adorable. Thanks for visiting me and Happy Pink Saturday!

  10. Happy Pink Saturday! Blogger can be so rotten some times!

  11. Cute pinkies!
    Have a great day.

  12. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Very cute!


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