Monday, February 08, 2010

Bronze Shoe Collection For Second Time Around Tuesday

For this week's Second Time Around Tuesday hosted by Diane at A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words I'm sharing my bronzed baby shoe collection. I don't know how family members can just donate or sell their relative's bronzed baby shoes. When I see them I feel this need to rescue them if they're cheap enough.

This first shoe wasn't rescued at an Estate sale, garage sale, flea market, or antique mall. No, this first shoe was my mother's. My sister has the mate.

All the rest of the shoes were purchased, but I never spend more than $15. This little girl's dress shoe is so cute. It's a bookend and I have the mate.

This shoe has bells. I have it's mate too.

These shoes are mounted on a base and originally must have had a picture frame for the baby's picture.

This was just a lone shoe.

And this is from another pair of bookends. This is the first set of bronzed shoes that I bought and I got the set for $3 in Canton, Texas.

My one regret is that I passed up an adorable set of tiny bronzed cowboy boots. They were $30, but I've never seen another set in my travels.

Meanwhile, I continue to rescue all reasonably priced bronzed baby shoes. It makes me sad to think that someone didn't want them.


  1. You have a really nice collection!

  2. What a neat collection! I wouldn't have thought of using them for bookends, but that is great! I inherited my Dad's bronze shoes. I should redo them into bookends someday.

  3. I can understand how you feel. I was at the Salvation Army recently and picked up a ceramic pot. On the bottom it said "Happy Mother's Day from Lucy 1978" on it.

    I had to wonder why either Lucy, or her mother didn't value such a pretty piece with some kind of sentimental story behind it.

    Sometimes, I wish I knew the stories behind the treasues we find...

  4. This is one of the neatest and unique collections I've seen in a long while. I'm with someone could let them go...IDK. I saved my Sons's 'Baby Cowboy Boots'...he's now 38...I gave them to his first born Son. They haven't been bronzed, but are sitting on the book shelf in my Grandsons Room....he's now 8. I hope you find another pair to go with your collection someday.

  5. I love old bronzed shoes, too.

  6. loving the aspect of you and your sister sharing your mamas shoes...:)

  7. Hi Betty,
    I feel sad that someone gave these away but I am happy you are giving them a loving home. By the way I love those books in the background. Was there a series of nurse books?

  8. WOW! You have some really great bronzed shoes!!

    Thanks for coming by.

    Yes, Alzheimers is very hard.
    Life changes for all of us.

    Blessings and thanks for the note.

    barbara jean

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog...I enjoy the your collection and nd your blog...Im adding you to my blog roll.... great fun....


  10. Nice collection of bronzed baby shoes. Thanks for stopping by.

  11. Gorgeous little shoe!!!

    Thank you for the sweet comment, and good luck with the giveaway!! :)

  12. How adorable. I love your collection. Very unique and VERY special. What a story they tell. Thanks for sharing your sentimental shoes! Love it.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note. Blessings for a great week.

  13. What a great collection, and you found great uses for them..They are darling!

  14. It is sad to know someone is selling their baby's shoes. I buy baby spoons whenever I encounter them for the very same reason.

  15. I also collect bronzed baby shoes. I have 4 pairs of little cowboy boots (one with spurs!), baby majorette boots, sandals, many victorian button shoes, crocheted booties, orthopedic shoes.....lots and lots of "ordinary" baby shoes. I love the ones that are really worn--holes in the toes or soles. I started collecting because of the strange irony that someone could love their baby so much to go the the expense of bronzing the shoes, then someone else decides they're worthless. Where did the sentiment go?


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