Friday, May 01, 2009


*See note at bottom.

My son snapped this picture of Roscoe sleeping in a basket with the lamp shining down on him. All the cats like to sleep in this basket when the lamp is turned on. I say they're sunbathing whenever I see one there.
I always meant to introduce my animal family on my blog and thought I'd start with Roscoe. We don't know where Roscoe came from, but he showed up as a skinny cat at my son's apartment door. Keith put out a dish of food and he quickly ate it all. The next day he was back for more. Keith kept feeding him and after a few days decided to post signs around the apartment complex asking if anyone had lost a cat. No one responded.
One of my proudest accomplishments as a mother was instilling in all my sons a love and compassion for animals. Keith already had two cats, and that was all the apartment complex allowed. One of his cats was one that had been hanging around our yard and when no owner could be located Keith agreed to take him in. So, Keith now pointed out that it was my turn to take in a cat he found. And that is how Roscoe came to live here.
The first thing we did was take him to the vet to be tested for feline leukemia and to be fixed. Then we brought him home and fattened him up. :) Not just happened.
Roscoe has the sweetest personality. You couldn't ask for a nicer cat. He gets along well with the dog and all the other cats. He never causes any trouble. We enjoy having him as part of our family
*Note: I'm ready to scream. I've saved and published this post three times and every time the double spacing between paragraphs disappears. I'm going to try one more time and then leave it. Could it be because I changed the font?


  1. Isn't is ♥warming how some of the most special animals seem to find just the right people. Roscoe is purr-ecious. I adore each and every one of my kitties...the doggies, too.

  2. Lucky Roscoe! He has such a nice home now. Don't you ever wonder if they ever think about when they were homeless?

  3. A lovely story. Roscoe is very lucky to have found you!


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