Tuesday, September 26, 2017

"L" as in Lucky for ABC Wednesday

 Welcome to ABC Wednesday and the letter "L" as in Lucky.

It all began with Lucky. 
My life as a future Crazy Cat Lady began in 1952.  This is Lucky in our backyard in Westwood, New Jersey.  I always loved cats.  My mother wasn't crazy about them, but she relented and got one because of my obsession.  Before Lucky came along I would go outside and sit on the front porch and wait for a cat to go by.  That didn't happen very often, so finally my mother decided it was time to get a cat for me.

These photos were actually slides that were scanned.  Here we are in the backyard playing with Lucky (and our dollhouse).  I no longer remember the name of the girl on the left, but I'm in the middle and my sister is on the right petting Lucky.
Lucky was the first of many cats that I've had in my life.  I remember every single one.  I don't even admit to how many I have at the present time, but enough probably to qualify as a Crazy Cat Lady.

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  1. Wonderful story... perseverance rewards ;-) I love cats to, we still have 2 from 6 once... and 2 large dogs...

    Have a splendid ♥-warming ABC-Wednes-day / -week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)

  2. I love cats and had cats all my life. However, I found out years ago, I am VERY allergic to them...:)JP

  3. That is adorable, Betty. The photo I mean! Just love it. I love cats too but am deathly allergic to them, alas. My throat closes when I am in the same room. But walking down the street, if I speak to any cat they come to me. So that will have to suffice.

  4. Betty, I have two friends who, like you, might just qualify to be part of the Society of Crazy Cat Ladies. If there's no such society, then there are ought to be. I bet it would be just as popular as that group of Red Hat Ladies.

  5. Oh Betty what a sweet story about Lucky and your childhood ~ Great photos scanned ~ Besides, Ginny Dolls I too had a cat named Lucky ~ ^_^

    (A ShutterBug Explores)

  6. Cat Lady - sounds nice to me now that I found out my son is a cat person although I still think he should be a girl to love cats :)

    Lovely story about Lucky!

  7. My first cat was black. I was going through a divorce. I was a kindergarten teacher and got a call over the intercom. They had a stray cat in the office and said if I didn't take it they would have to call animal control. What was I to say with 30 five year olds staring at me. She was a very moody cat but I loved her. - Margy

  8. If I wasn't allergic I would have a 100 dogs - a crazy dog lady.

    Which cat has been your all time favorite or do you have one?

  9. Love your story - and the photos. We had our last cat for 21 years - still miss her.

  10. I like black cats and dollhouses so a perfect picture.

  11. My grandmother had a series of black cats, all named Mr. Lucky.


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