Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Trick Or Treat...Smell My Feet...Give Me Something Good To Eat!

It's time for my dolls to go Trick Or Treating.  Yes, I've been playing again!

This year I had a little help from Ms. Jill (a modern Vogue Jill doll) and her new Polaroid Camera.  She took most of the photographs for me.  (Click on them to enlarge.)
 They went Trick Or Treating in the trailer park.  Ms. Jan (a vintage Vogue Jan doll) dressed as a cowgirl handed out the treats.  The kids waited patiently in line.
While waiting they could have their fortunes told.
At times the line was pretty long.
There were lots of different costumes.  (Don't worry about the Hawaiian Ginny and her bare feet.  It's warm here!)
They waited for Ms. Jan to give them a treat from the big bowl of candy.
I got the vintage Vogue Ginny in the clown costume at a doll show in Austin earlier this year.
The rest of the dolls are Vogue vintage reproduction Ginnys, modern Ginnys, and a Madame Alexander doll.

I found Ms. Jill's Polaroid Camera at the Go Store in the Mall.  It's a seasonal store for the holidays.  In the past it was just an area out in the mall, but this year it's a store and there's a bigger selection.  For anyone looking for 1:6 scale accessories for their dolls they also have some Fisher Price toys and an Etch A Sketch.  I know in the past Hallmark had some of these as ornaments, but I actually like these better for the dolls.  I bought the last Polaroid Camera and they didn't know if they'd get any more in.  If interested check for a Go Store in your mall.
Have a safe Halloween!


  1. So pretty and fun ☻

  2. Oh my gosh you see a lot more when you enlarge. The leaves. The masks. The little photos. The little bags. You went to so much work, but then I know you love to do them. It looks like a lot of fun and happy Halloween to you too.

  3. So glad the dolls had a Halloween outing!


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