Thursday, September 22, 2016

Hello Fall! Where are you hiding?

Is it really Fall?

I am so tired of the heat and humidity.

 Last Sunday we tried to stay in the stadium for a while after the Texans game, but they chased us.  They try to clear the stadium, but we knew there would be a line at the train station so we tried to wait.  They don't let you carry drinks out of the stadium.  I guess it's because they don't know for sure what's in the drink and if there's alcohol it's illegal to carry it out.

It's about a three or four block walk from the stadium to the train station.  There is a van and we usually use it when it's hot since Reid doesn't have the stamina he did at one time.  When it cools off we walk.  We park in the Park and Ride for $15 and that includes the train ride.  The station has no cover for the southbound side, so even when we finally get on the platform there's no shade.  It was cloudy on Sunday, but then the sun broke through and it was HOT waiting in line.  What I would have done for a bottle of water!  I wish the Texans would have someone selling water outside the stadium.  Having people walking and standing in that line is a recipe for trouble in the heat.  When we got to our car the thermometer in the car said 103.  We drove to the nearest convenience store for some bottled water.

Tonight the Texans play the Patriots in New England.  (Go Texans!)  I'm hoping by the next home game the weather will be a little better.

I'm so envious of people that write about the cooler mornings and evenings.  I really miss Fall.

I remember those cool Jersey mornings and evenings.  I remember the beautiful Fall leaves and raking them into piles as they fell so we could jump in and play.  Fall meant people would be burning leaves and the smell would be in the air.  (I don't think they're allowed to do that anymore.)  We'd head to Tice Farms for fresh cider.  Fall was a special time.

This picture is kind of dark, but that's my Dad and me on the front porch.  See all the leaves on the sidewalk?  We were even wearing coats!  Yes, there was a chill in the air.  This was probably taken in October or early November.  Most of the leaves would be gone by mid November.  I know the year was 1954.
This is my Dad and sister in the side yard.  My Dad would rake leaves weekly.  There were no blowers back then and we had a big yard.  (In the summer he also mowed with a push lawn mower!)
I have no idea what I was trying to do in this picture.  I guess it was some kind of high kick!  However, look at the pretty fall colors.
Of course, my sister and I were dressed alike in matching coats and hats!

Nowadays I try and stay in my air conditioned house and pretend it's cool outside.  We might get to turn off the A/C for a day or two in mid to late October.

Last week I put up some Fall decorations.  It's all part of pretending.  Hmmmm...maybe I should go to the grocery store and buy some cider.  I'll heat it up in the microwave and add some whipped cream and a little drizzle of caramel.  Pretend, pretend, pretend!  Happy Fall!!!


  1. Man I know it is so hot here and it has been for so long it must be hot in Texas!!!!!!!!!!! I wish there was someone that sold water too - what a good idea. Well I hope Reid is okay. Love, sandie

  2. We're in a bit of a heat wave right now. Don't like it at all, either. Cool weather will come soon, knock on wood it will.

  3. I live in northern IL and while last week was still warm...we woke up to cool this morning! One of those perfect fall days with plenty of sunshine and a very cool breeze. Please don't be envious though ~ our winters are brutal! While we're freezing and sick and tired of the bitter cold, snow, and endless gray skies, we'll be envious of those of you who are having mild weather. It all evens out!

  4. It is nice to be having cooler weather, just to stay below 90F is nice and makes it seem like fall. I didn't know where and how to catch the train to the stadium. Does it go to the Minute Maid Park?
    Thank you for showing your older family pictures. I don't have many of those.
    Oh yes, our KP is playing soccer this fall. Their team does win games and we go see them. It's been a long time, before 2000, that we went to see one of our our young ones.

    1. I've only been to one Texans game, our daughter took me for my BDay the year when they first played.


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