Saturday, May 14, 2016

1950's Memories...

I've been going through some scanned slides from the 1950's.  I decided today to share some of the slides that had our childhood dolls in them.  I wish some of them had my Ginny dolls, but there doesn't seem to be any slides with Ginny.  It's strange since that's the doll I remember playing with the most.

I always liked these large baby dolls.  I was convinced that people probably thought I was carrying a real baby.  L-R:  Me, I think the girl was named Libby, my sister, and our second cousin Christine Volz.

This picture was taken in our backyard.  My sister and I are with our aunt.  Again, we have our large baby dolls.

I guess my sister and I were going someplace and posed for a picture first.  We're holding our Toni dolls.

Here we are in the living room holding our Toni dolls and some kind of baby doll.  Since we're wearing the same outfits as in the previous picture I'm assuming it was taken at the same time.

This was taken at Christmas time in our living room.  That's me with my aunt and the T. Cohn Superior Toys tin kitchen we received that Christmas.  I was recently able to find one eBay.  Actually, I now realize the one I found on eBay isn't exactly the same.  The eBay one has some yellow painted on the kitchen floor and this one doesn't.  I couldn't tell in the old black and white photos, but the colored slide cleared that up for me.

This is our T. Cohn lithographed Spanish style tin dollhouse.  (How I'd love to have this again!)  I have no idea who the girl on the left is, but that's me and my sister on the right with our cat Lucky.  This is our backyard.

I enjoy going through these old slides/pictures.


  1. Betty you know what amazes me the most about you and your blogs - your memory of your past - how can you remember all those dolls and people? I can barely remember what I did this morning. I just love to see your pictures and hear your stories. We were raised to be mothers weren't we?

  2. Going through old photos and slides are lots of fun. I like recalling good times and noticing things that I'd not seen before. I didn't play with dolls when I was a kid, but I did want a baby doll at one time.

  3. My sister and I remember getting those big dolls like 2-3 feet tall. Funny. They didn't do anything and of course, they were always blondes...LOL!...:)JP

  4. Those big dolls were the rage. I believe my sister had one. But she mainly had Barbies, a lot. And she still has them. My niece played with them and probably added to the clan. Our granddaughter has an American Girl doll. One seems to be enough. We took her to the American Girl store a few weeks ago and got her an orthopedic pack, crutches, wheel chair, bandages and splints and still more. Sunday after church sh went to a theme birthday party, "The American Girl Doll."
    Sorry to hear about Buddy. Yes, you will miss him a lot.

  5. Betty those are some great memories. I covet your Tonis. The house is great!

  6. Isn't that nice to go through old pictures sometimes ?
    I forgot to mention your cat with lung cancer in your previous post. I have my Pookie who is nearly 18, she has kidney failure and is deaf, but she goes along her cat life so we leave her in peace and live from day to day.

  7. Love all your sweet photos. I love my dolls too but do not have as many photos as you do. Such delightful memories. Thanks for sharing. xo


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