Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Very Special Moment For Warm Heart Wednesday Week #20

Is it Warm Heart Wednesday week 20 already?

I've missed the last two weeks.  I haven't been online much and I apologize for not getting my weekly posts up and reading your blogs.  I'm back for week 20 and will try not to miss again!

Warm Heart Wednesday is where we share something that we found heart warming.  This weekly event is sponsored by Ms. Jenny at Jenny Matlock..."off on my tangent."

I saw this one on television and then looked for it online.  It was one of those moments that I found heartwarming and I hope you will too.  A deaf woman hears for the first time after receiving a cochlear implant.  Perhaps you've already seen it, but it's worth another look for that special warm hearted moment toward the end.  (That part starts approximately 1:35 minutes into the video if  you want to skip ahead.)
Now head to Ms. Jenny's blog for a list of this week's participants.


  1. That would be miracle-like to most any of us. Modern medicine in my opinion is a God-given blessing to us all. For sure he gave us the intelligence that we can use.
    On President's Day this year Sonic had $1 hot dogs and again March 30. It is a big hit, but not a regular scheduled thing. Somehow our daughter knew when both were coming and alerted us.
    Betty, it was very nice for you to apologize for not posting but we all understand that you were struggling then. We all have things that have more priority than blogging and some more often than others. Income tax might do me in next week. Last year I did the one poem a day during April. That was a tough schedule.

  2. That is really amazing ! Must take quite a while to get used to !

  3. Wow that was wonderful and so inspiring - good to see some good news for a change.

  4. A feel good story so refreshing from the political junk we have to be forced to see daily wherever we go! I hear you didn't get your NY Dog at Sonic. Darn it! I love their Chicago Dog. If I do go to SOnic I never leave without a hot dog but I have not seen them for a dollar here. Drat! Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Anonymous10:13 PM

    What a wonderful thing!

  6. What a moment that must have been!

  7. I saw a video like this about a baby seeing his mom for the first time and another baby hearing for the first time. My goodness, this is warming my heart right now. Thank you for posting. xo


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