Friday, July 03, 2015

"G" as in GINNY DOLLS for Alphabe-Thursday

I'm getting my Alphabe-Thursday post up on Friday again this week!

"G" as in GINNY DOLLS!  Not too original.  I've done quite a few posts on my Vogue GINNY Dolls over the years, but she's the first thing that pops into my mind for the letter "G."

Yes, this will be a doll post.

I grew up in the 1950's playing with GINNY and I still play with her today.  I collect vintage, modern, and vintage reproduction GINNY Dolls and her family.  I'm forever trying to get them organized. 

Recently I had some cabinets built in my doll room.  It took a long time to get them painted.  They took three coat of primer and two coats of oil based paint.  I painted on and off for two weeks.

I've been moving dolls around and I've temporarily put some in the new cabinets.  Nothing is really organized yet.  I just put some in the new cabinets to get them out of the way for now.  I'm thinking about organizing them by year and theme.

With some dolls out of the way in the new cabinets I can work on some of the rooms.  They're pretty messy right now.
And I still need to get the game room finished.  A friend gave my son the Ginny size games.  They were used in a store as examples of how the human size games would look, but they were perfect for my dolls.  One of these days I'll have that room finished!
A while back I started hanging and tagging doll clothes.  I have to get that finished too!
I like the idea of hanging clothes because they don't get as wrinkled.

Now please head over to Ms. Jenny's blog at Jenny Matlock..."off on my tangent" for a list of this week's participants.

Thank you for visiting.


  1. Thanks for visiting me, and your lovely comment.I grew up in Borneo and never played with dolls, needless to say such lovely ginny dolls.

  2. It is great to know that Reid is now cancer free, and his bro Keith gave him his stem cells.

  3. I wasn't much of a doll person when I was a kid. These days show me a stuffed doll and I go "Me want."

    Here's to the 4th of July!
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  4. Oh how I love what you have done - you do love your dolls. I love that you have a Mickey Mouse collection - brings me joy!!! Does putting them behind glass keep them from getting dusty and dirty?

    Just stopping by to say Happy 4th of July!

  5. Always love your Ginny dolls and love read about what you are doing with them ~ So creative and a wonderful collection!
    Great post for G!

    Happy Day to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  6. You have such a creative heart Betty! I truly love your beautiful collection of Ginny dolls! They are gorgeous and I love how you put them in different settings. When we lived in a rental house before we bought this home the basement was not completely finished but there was a huge storage room and floor to ceiling shelves. I set up Barbie furniture and dolls and I am amazed how much stuff I have! I don't think I ever really grew up! Good to see you here. Take care and great G post! Hugs, Anne

  7. I never heard of Ginny dolls before, maybe we never had them in the UK. I am amazed at your collection and I love the rooms.

  8. I love the way you have those clothes hung!

    For some reason that was my favorite picture.

    Although when I enlarge each photo I'm just mesmerized by the Great detail in all the doll accessories.

    Thank you for linking to the letter G.

    Sending special prayers and warm thoughts to you today!

    Hugs and A+++

  9. I always love to see your dolls.


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