Sunday, November 30, 2014

Why I cook Thanksgiving Dinner

There were only going to be three of us for Thanksgiving Dinner this year.  I thought maybe we'd go out to eat, but then I remembered if we did there would be no leftovers.  To me the leftovers are what make it all worthwhile.  So I cooked a big turkey and a few trimmings.  A turkey cooking in the oven makes the whole house smell so good.
Then we had what we needed for the Day After Thanksgiving Dinner.

I'm not crazy about Turkey Soup, so a few years back I searched online for a recipe for leftovers and found this one for Day After Thanksgiving Dinner.  When I looked for the link today I noticed that the recipe has a four star rating and one review given by me in 2011.  I guess this recipe is a hidden gem yet to be discovered by others. :)

I really enjoy this recipe and would like to drum up some support.  Believe's really good.  Please make it and post a review so mine isn't the only one.

This recipe used leftover mashed potatoes, stuffing, turkey, and gravy.

The potatoes and stuffing are used to make potato/stuffing balls.  Here they are ready to go in the oven.
They turn nice and crispy.  Here they after baking.
Then you make a turkey sauce using some of the gravy and a few other ingredients and adding chopped turkey.  To serve you pour the sauce over the balls.

While I was doing all of this Keith was trying to figure out why the lights on the tree weren't working for me.
Did you know that all the strings must be plugged together in order for them to light? 


  1. Sounds like the perfect meal for the day after Thanksgiving, Betty!

  2. Hi Betty

    It sounds like you had a nice Thanksgiving! Even though I cook a lot for the feast there are hardly any leftovers. Besides my family we had extra guests at our table this year. I told anyone who wanted to make up a try of leftovers and a few took me up on that and took quite a bit home with them :) I do like turkey soup and made the stock yesterday. This recipe looks interesting _-i will give it a try next time!

  3. I did not know that all have to be in order!!! Perhaps that is why we have a section that doesn't work????...:)JP

  4. Oh my gosh does that look good - and I love your biscuits and turkey gravy! Yummy!

  5. was your Thanksgiving dinner a great Success?

  6. Oh yum, your recipe looks wonderfully delicious! I must try it! We went overboard for Thanksgiving and the rest of the leftovers had to be tossed away. I just hate waste! We are
    going to downsize for Christmas. Our oldest daughter brought four cream pies and the middle daughter made two pumpkin from scratch. I made a pecan from scratch and get pumpkin chiffon in memory of my Auntie Ang. I need to be more thrifty havign just lost my job! Have a great weekend. Hugs, Anne


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