Friday, March 28, 2014

Catch up...

OK, I was able to download something from Fuji's website so I can get the darn pictures off my camera with Windows 8.  I'm able to use PicMonkey to resize pictures, so I'm back in business there. I still don't like Windows 8, but I guess I can live with it (as if Microsoft has given me a choice). 

I've avoided taking pictures over the past several months because they'd just have to stay on the camera.  Now I'm back in business!

Here we go...
Reid on his birthday, January 28, 2014

Keith and his new car...probably February 2014?

Baby waiting for dinner to be served.  (My cats live like Kings and Queens.)

Murphy napping in the laundry basket.

My sweet Grace looking out the window.  She will be 21 years old this summer.  (Unfortunately, I didn't realize the camera was on the wrong setting, but I still like this picture.)  She couldn't look out the windows at our old house because they were up too high and she couldn't easily get to them.  Now she can watch the world go by.

That takes care of all the pictures left on the camera!


  1. Glad you finally have the photo thing figured out!!!

  2. Reid is looking well and happy and I love the cat waiting to be served!

  3. So good to see Reid healthy and feeling good!! Your 21 year old cat is loving watching the world go by...:)JP

  4. Reid looks good - it has been awhile since I have seen him. And your cats do live like kings and queens I know that. sandie

  5. Your cats are so cute :x

  6. what lovely photos!you sure get around a camera well! love all these fun shares.


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