Wednesday, February 19, 2014

"N" as in NOTHING for Alphabe-Thursday

Oh no!  Is it really time for Alphabe-Thursday again?

Talk about drawing a complete blank...that's exactly what happened to me this week.  NOTHING came to mind.  Finally in desperation I googled "N" and came upon phrases that begin with words starting with "N."

Kind of a stretch...huh?  Bare with me.

Some were just so so.  However, some I really liked.  Here we go...

Never a borrower nor a lender be.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

No man is an island.

Nothing is certain but death and taxes.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Never do tomorrow what you can do today.

Never judge a book by it's cover.

Never judge a man 'til you've walked a mile in his shoes.

Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

No news is good news.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Nobody travels on the road to success without a puncture or two.

And in honor of the CVS drug store chain in taking a stand against smoking and deciding to stop selling cigarettes...


 Guess that's not really a phrase, but Reid suggested I add it and I liked the idea.  This week MD Anderson Cancer Center came out and applauded CVS for deciding to remove cigarettes and tobacco products from their stores.  You can read about it here.

Now go visit Jenny at Jenny Matlock..."off on my tangent" for a list of this week's Alphabe-Thursday participants. 

Thank you Jenny!


  1. I think you did a great job - n starts great sentences for great advise. All of them were good.

    I like the word NO. teehee - Long story.


  2. Great job with the N quotes! Lots of good ones there to pick from. I also am thrilled about CVS and their decision to no longer sell cigarettes. I am allergic to them pretty bad so I am thrilled of their decision. Unfortunately, I don't shop there because they aren't close enough.

  3. Ok,mi might be just about to annoy you. A few years a go I was on a community health sports team , we were called The Nosmo King group , and now when ever I see a no smoking sign it immediately reminds me of dear Nosmo King

  4. Ha ha you sound like me every week! Nothing is prefect for N and you managed to make a whole lot of something out of nothing - we use no news is good news a lot in our family!
    Wren x

  5. Great post for N ~ lovely aphorisms that you list that have survived the 'test of time' ~ thanks for visiting and commenting ~^_^

    artmusedog and carol

  6. Yay for CVS! They will surely take a hit financially, but what a great health move! Hope they pave the way for others to follow!
    You found some great N phrases with sound advice! I especially like that last one with the "puncture or two" So true!

  7. lol wel you managed to pull your N out of nothing!

  8. No favorite!...:)JP

  9. Always get something from nothing, good job!

  10. Never judge a man until you've walked a mile in his shoes is one of my favorites.

    Great N post!

  11. I have real difficulties to respect " Never do tomorrow what you can do today". I never know when and if I would do it, lol !

  12. I can't decide which I like best.... Probably the No Smoking

  13. I really liked your list♪ Interesting that Google was your inspiration!

  14. Good idea for "N", Betty!I think CVS set a wonderful example and I hope more stores follow.


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