Wednesday, May 22, 2013

"A" as in ARIAS, ARIAS, ARIAS...enough already!!!

I thought I'd jump in and try keeping up with Alphabe-Thursday this round.  I haven't been able to participate in recent times, but hope "real life" will allow me this indulgence.  I've missed Alphabe-Thursday and hope Ms. Matlock will excuse my absence.  You think this bribe will work?
I'm starting to think there must be 500 Jodi ARIASES and  perhaps another 500 Ariel Castros. The world is filled with evil...or is it?

I was born in 1945.  We got our first TV set around 1951.  You can see it proudly sitting in the background in this old Christmas photo.
Just one little black and white TV.  No kitchen or bedroom TV.  One TV for all of us to share.

I grew up in a suburb of New York City, so we probably had more channels than people in other parts of the country, but we still didn't have shows broadcast all day.  I could be wrong about this, but I think the nightly news was only on for 15 minutes each evening.  The Today Show didn't even come on the air until 1952.  We received most of our news from newspapers.

CNN didn't come into being until 1980.  It was the first 24 hour a day news channel.  I believe that's when everything started to change. Cable TV changed everything.

Before 1980 the Jodi Arias trial might have been the lead story on the news in Arizona, but the rest of us probably would have heard mostly our area news on our local broadcasts.  News of the Arias trial might have appeared on the first page of the Arizona newspapers, but for us it might have been a small story
on the second or third page.

There's no getting around it...the murder of Travis Alexander by the evil Jodi ARIAS was horrific. The bombings in Boston were so tragic.  Two dead and all those people hurt by two evil men.  Do they get much more evil than Ariel Castro?  He took ten years from those women's lives and mistreated them the entire time.

Is there more evil in the world today?  I don't think so.  I just think we hear about things over and over again.  We have 24/7 news coverage with lots of time to fill, Internet access, Twitter, Facebook, etc.  We get flooded with all the horrific details.

Sometimes hearing about something over and over again can be good.  We spring into action and want to help.  National disasters like Super Storm Sandy and the recent Oklahoma tornado are good examples.  It's so easy nowadays to go online or text a donation to the Red Cross.

I just have to believe that there is more good in the world than evil.  It's just that evil seems to get more air time.

I sometimes wish we could go back to the old black and white TV days.  (I think I'm showing my age.)

Now head over to Jenny Matlock..."off on my tangent" for a list of this week's letter "A"  participants.


  1. There are lots of good people in the world - you just have to look...

  2. Lets see if we can both do the full 26 weeks .as I am doing a theme I can pre plan lots .

  3. I like that your sister and you are dressed alike, if that is one you in there. and even the same hair style too. why do parents do that?

    like you, I have not been doing Aphabe-Thursday but it's good to start again.

    have a sweet day.

  4. Yes, more good people than the evil ones ~ well expressed post ~ I tried to Keep It Simple ^_^

    Change what I can ~

  5. You did good on your A day. Glad to see you here. And I don't know - I think the world is a bit more evil then it used to be myself. I still believe there is more good then evil. But I worry about the direction we are going. Love, sandie

  6. I think you are right, Betty, that the level of evil in the world is about the same -- we just hear about it more these days on all the media we have. My Mom use to have songs playing on the radio all talk radio then! :)

  7. I think you're right. A lot of terrible things were done long before the invention of the 24 hr news cycle.

  8. Agree with all the above - there isn't more evil, we just hear about it more now through 24 hr news cycles.

    Such a thoughtful *A* post - have a good Alphabe-Thursday, here’s mine

  9. I love the bangs in your picture. Born 1957 and they were still cutting hair the same way as I recall several pics of myself as a little girl with those same short bangs! :)

  10. Well, I suspect you are correct, Betty. I think the news focuses on what most people want to hear. Too many people actually seem to like to know about all the BAD stuff happening.

  11. Try living in AZ with all that Arias stuff firsthand!!!! Enough already! I agree with you that the evil makes news and we hear about it 24/7! We had a "blond" set and everyone came to our house to watch TV. Loretta Young was so elegant walking through those doors at the beginning of her show!!!!!!!!

  12. It is a shame the media doesn't focus more on ways we can contribute.

    I can't even imagine the things those victims endured.

    This was an amazing post!



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