Monday, October 15, 2012

Busy Days Ahead...

I've been meaning to write a quick post for almost a week.  I kept thinking I'd get some pictures taken to go along with an update, but never got around to doing it.  I did go to the Houston Italian Festival this past weekend, but forgot my camera.

Reid finally got the results of his latest PET scan last week...almost a week after the scan.  He had called and left a message a couple of days after the scan and never heard anything, so he called a second time last week and the P.A. called him back pretty quickly.  I guess they hadn't gotten the first message.  Anyway, the scan still shows activity (cancer), but it's gotten smaller again.  I was hoping it would be completely gone, but smaller is still good.  Originally his oncologist was thinking about 8 or so treatments.  I believe Reid has now had 7.  The drug was approved for up to 16 treatments, so we'll see what the doctor says when he goes back for the next treatment on October 23rd.

Meanwhile, I'm getting ready to have slab work done on the house.  Unless you live in this part of Texas you probably have no idea what slab work is, but I can tell you it's a pain in the "you know what."  Homes here are built on concrete slabs.  The soil is mostly clay which expands and contracts with moisture.  This causes the house to kind of go up and down.  Eventually, the slab cracks.  You can tell when doors stick, windows don't close easily, and cracks appear above doorways.  The problem is made worse by dry conditions and large trees which drink up the water and dry out the soil.  It usually takes time to happen...20 to 30 years.  Anyway, we've had work done before and now need some additional interior piers.  That means they have to come inside, rip up the flooring, and go into the concrete slab with jack hammers.  Needless to say, it's a big mess.  We were originally scheduled to have this done last June, but when Jim died I put it off until the end of October when hopefully it would cool off.  I need to put the dog and cats in the garage.  We've only had a few cooler days a week or so ago.  Other than that the A/C runs night and day.  It's been in the 90's, but today felt better and I think it was only in the 80's.  I just hope it will be cool on October 29th.  I'll be sure to take pictures.  Seeing is believing!

I miss the old Blogger Dashboard!


  1. I miss you!

    I am still praying for Reid and hope that with a couple more treatments it will sap that nasty cancer away.

    And Betty - good luck with all that work - when does it start - that has to be a real mess! So sorry you have to go thru it.

    Love, sandie

  2. Don't envy you having to go through the upheaval of the slab repair.

    Glad for the improvement in Rick's cancer and hope more treatments will kick it. God bless him.

    Thoughts and prayers!

  3. Holy moose~poops...I didn't know it was still so warm there! It's been in the 60's up here...hope all goes well with the work on the house. I am especially glad to hear about Reid though!...:)JP

  4. I just realized that I read your post the other day and I didn't comment. Sometimes I'm reading posts while I'm on the phone. I can read and talk but can't type and talk! lol So I came back to comment.

    Can't believe it is that hot there still! I've had the furnace on for at least 2 weeks now. I hate it you will have to tear up your house to fix the slab. Here we have foundations that are concrete. I hate it that Reid still has some cancer but I'm happy to hear that the new medicine is working. That's good news that it isn't spreading! I'll keep you in my prayers!



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