Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Can I have a little RELIEF?

I hope you don't mind if I jump in here with an "R" post for this round of Alphabe-Thursday.  I believe I've managed to get at least one or two posts in for each round since Ms. Jenny began this event.  I haven't been as active recently, but hope to do better in the future. 

I chose the word RELIEF.  Reid's poor cat was crying out for RELIEF one day a couple of weeks ago.

Talk about a freak accident.  Poor Ashley sat on a piece of Press 'N Seal.  In case you're not familiar with Press 'N Seal it's a product similar to Saran Wrap only much better.

It's very versatile.  We first became acquainted with Press 'N Seal when Reid had a Central Venous Catheter going into an artery in his neck.  The hospital told him to use Press 'N Seal to cover it for showers.  It would be an ideal product to cover casts, stitches, etc., so if you have kids remember this tip.

Anyway, I left a used piece of Press 'N Seal on the counter.  Ashley must have jumped up and sat on it while I was out of the room.  All of a sudden I noticed Ashley running around the house in a panic.  Yes, Press 'N Seal even sticks to a cat's bottom.

To say Ash freaked out is putting it mildly.  It made this crinkling sound as he moved.  Of course, the other cats became curious and had to see what was going on.

In order to take pictures I had to use cat treats.  He kept running away.  I wanted to pull the Press 'N Seal off and give him some RELIEF, but I couldn't catch him.

After a few minutes I finally caught him and pulled the Press 'N Seal off.  Much to my surprise look at what fell out.  (Examine the picture closely.)  What an amazing product.  Press 'N Seal can seal anything in.  This is photographic proof.

Ash and I give this product a four star rating.

Finally, Ashley was able to hide under the desk.  It's traumatic having the "you know what" scared out of you.  With the Press 'N Seal (and more) removed he was able to get a little RELIEF.

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  1. Anonymous7:38 PM

    OH, poor kitty. I'm sure he was quite relieved to have that off his bottom.

  2. omg the things that can happen. I have that, too, to keep the numbing cream on the port area before a treatment. oh joy I feel like Ashley with that stuff stuck on me.

  3. That is hilarious Betty! I got a good laugh out of it but poor Ashley! I know he didn't like having that happen to him at all.

  4. Very interesting, I feel good your photographic proof.

  5. LOL! Love this R post:)

  6. Betty, NOT a good place for Press and Seal! What great photos!!!! Oh, and it's good to see you back.

  7. Oh! Poor kitty! It truly did scare that right out of him, didn't it!? I love press and seal, but will keep it away from the kitties. =)

  8. Hah! That's funny...

    One time one of my baby horses got a plastic grocery bag stuck on his halter, he thought it was chasing him and ran for hours. I finally caught him and took it off, but he about killed me in the process!



  9. Yup, I clicked on *the* photo -- ewww! Poor Ashley, I bet he's glad he isn't tush wrapped anymore!

  10. Anonymous2:00 PM

    bless the cat.

  11. Don't tell Ash that I laughed so hard I almost wet my pants.
    You captured some great pictures!
    Press and Seal should pay you for a good and cute commercial.
    I need to buy this product, I never have.
    He sure is a beautiful cat! However, I've never seen an ugly cat!

  12. Poor, poor Ashley! I hope she is now over this trauma!

  13. Okay poor Ashley. Hope she is feeling ahem better.

    I have to admit I was rolling on the floor laughing at her and your story. Glad you have your humor there!

  14. Poor Asley! But thanks for the laughs. I wish I could get some of that stuff - but not for my bottom!

  15. Oh My GOODNESS! My cats and I are rolling on the floor in hysterics! Poor Ash! Now, when I change the litter box, I know how to prepare the cats for the time it takes the boxes to dry from washing!!!

  16. Oh my..poor Ashley...but you had me leaughing so hard by the end of the post, Betty! Glad all turned out well!

  17. Phew! I thought this was going to be an entirely different post when you started the post by saying that you were giving your cat relief! LOL

  18. Betty!


    I am laughing so hard over this post!

    I am so glad you got to have some humorous moments!

    This was absolutely brilliant!

    Here kitty, kitty!




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