Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Moving along...

Reid had his second Adcetris infusion a little over a week ago.  He felt kind of yucky up until today, but now he's starting to feel better.  They did reduce the drug by 36 or 37%.  I asked the nurse, but can no longer remember if it was 36 or 37%.  That struck me as kind of odd.  Why not 35 or 40%?  Must be some kind of formula they use, but the drug was reduced because of a couple of liver numbers that had gone up.  The doctor has him scheduled for a scan on July 5th to see if the drug is working.  Reid and I were both a little concerned about him being scanned so early into this treatment.  We both would prefer to believe the drug is working for a while before he's scanned.  I'm not sure if that makes much sense to anyone that's never dealt with cancer before, but for those of us waiting for scan results it makes perfect sense.  We would prefer to delay the stress for a while longer.  Please keep Reid in your prayers.

I was thinking the other day how quickly life changes.  I had gone to Keith's in Austin for a weekend in April.  When I returned that Sunday I was only in the house a couple of hours when I took Jim to the emergency room.  I never even had a chance to tell him about the trip.  I do remember driving home that Sunday and thinking to myself what a good idea the trip had been.  Keith had some time off from work and suggested that I come to Austin for a break before Jim had another round of chemo and Reid had his biopsy.  They had all encouraged me to go.  Keith and I had such a good time and I felt so well rested.  I had absolutely no idea what was to come.

I finally took the time to look at the pictures the other day.

Keith and I visited the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.  The bluebonnets were just about shot and it rained a little, but there were no crowds and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
There are trails and we enjoyed hiking.  I believe this was an underground cave along one of the trails.  It was a while ago and I know we saw a sink hole and a cave. 
Maybe this is the sink hole???
Even without a lot of wildflowers it was very scenic.  I would love to go again someday.

We also visited an overlook that weekend.  There are some cliffs and you hike up to the top and the view is wonderful, but I only know that because Keith took pictures.  I chickened out.  I was afraid of slipping and falling, so Keith took my camera and hiked to the top.
Little did we know how much our lives were about to change.  Sometimes ignorance is the expression goes.

Thank you Keith for such a nice time.  I probably forgot to tell you.


  1. The pictures are lovely.
    Best wishes to Reid and hope he's feeling even better now.

  2. That old metal bridge is great! Here's hoping that the scan shows progress; mine did.

  3. Oh I know you are hurting so much inside - I just know it. I hope that the scan will show great news. I really do.

    And the trip and the scenery were beautiful.

    I haven't lost the the same relationships as you - but I do know life is fleeting.

    I try to tell some people this to get them to calm down - but they don't get it.

    Life is full of lessons to be learned.

    Love, sandie

  4. I know it might sound crazy but God knew what he was doing by having you be with Keith that week and to get rested up for what was to come. The day after my surgery I had a revelation of how God worked things out to help me through my surgery and even how he got me to go to the doctor and how we found my breast cancer was all because of God and his hand in it. You needed that time away to get rested and spend with Keith. I hate how things happened so quickly and all.

    The wildflowers were neat. I would like to do something like that with our yard. We like to keep the grass cut though to keep the snakes away! We do have 4 bunny rabbits in our yard and I just LOVE seeing them here. I hope to get some pictures of them soon and I'll post when I do.

    I'll keep Reid in my prayers! I think I've got a love hate relationship with scans. I haven't really had near as many as Reid but I do know how nerve wrecking they are.


  5. I'm amazed at all you're going through and yet your positive attitude and strength always shine through on your post.

    The pictures are great....someday I'll go to the park. I've never been there, and its not that far from here.

    Keeping Reid (and you) in my thoughts and prayers!!!!

  6. Betty I always keep Reid and your family in my prayers. You are such a brave, wonderful family and I pray some good news finally comes your way.

    It was so nice that you had this visit with Keith, before everthing you had to deal with. We all need good memories and stress free times, and you deserved a break. I'm sure Jim was happy you went, and then returnrf in time to be with him his last hours.

    God bless you all1

  7. Betty.

    For some reason I am at a total loss for words here.

    I wish I could give you a great big hug.

    And make you some tea.

    And look at all your trip pictures with you.

    All I can do is continue to pray for you all. Give Reid my regards, please!

  8. Oh Betty I do love the LBJ center! Anytime you want to go again, I would be happy to go. You are right, even when the flowers are not in bloom it is still a wonderful place to visit!


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