Friday, October 23, 2009

Preliminary diagnosis

Late yesterday afternoon we were told of the preliminary diagnosis. The pathologist hasn't officially signed off on it, but they're saying he has Hodgkins Lymphoma and they just have to determine which of the four types so they know the proper treatment. The doctor told us that at this time it is the best possible scenario. It is treatable.

Yesterday he went around 20 hours without any pain medication which is good. I'm a little concerned about his coughing. It seemed to increase yesterday, but he has to inhale into a devise that helps with his lung expansion and that causes him to cough more. I'm hoping that won't be a problem and the chest tube can be removed and he can come home.

This morning when he got up to walk to the bathroom I could see him walking a little faster. He uses a walker and I'm assuming he will until he can actually feel his feet under him. There's one injection that he gets in the stomach and he can't feel it when they give it to him, so he's still quite numb from the waist down. Just not sure how much of that feeling will return.

We're hopefull and appreciate all prayers. Thank you!!


  1. Hi, Betty, the best possible scenario sounds good. Thank goodness it is treatable. Scary about his legs being numb though; do they know why they are? Hope you can bring him home soon.

  2. Thanks Karen. They're numb because of the compression of the spinal cord by the tumor. We're hopeful that the feeling will return, but there's no guarantee. Without surgery he would have become paralyzed and that's why they were so eager to get it done.

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