Thursday, January 24, 2008

Clearing Out...

OK...I told myself that 2008 would be the year I'd de-clutter and I'm off to a good start. A friend asked me if I wanted to go in with her on a table at the next doll show in March. I've begun going through my things and trying to decide what has to go.

Like most people, I went a little crazy when I first discovered my favorite childhood doll on eBay. I bid if the deal was too good to pass up, the doll looked so pathetic that I felt sorry for her, etc. I could think of a zillion different reasons to bid. I also went crazy buying up accessories in her scale since I enjoy setting my dolls up in scenes and taking pictures. However, I ended up with so many accessories that I couldn't keep track of what I had and would forget to even use them. Now that I'm older and wiser :) I'm more selective.

The vintage Vogue Ginny Doll has always been my first love. I especially like the years from 1953-56 with a special emphasis on 1954. I still have my 1954 PLW and I guess that's why that particular year holds a special place in my heart. I have a lot of modern day Ginnys and I'm going to be selling some of them. A number of them I bought in order to get the outfit, so I'm going to sell some of the extra dolls.

I'm also thinking about selling some of my Chatty Cathy Dolls. She's an adorable doll, but takes up a lot of room and I'm getting tired of having dolls all over the house. None of my Chattys are valuable, but I'd like to thin out my collection to a more manageable number...not that I have that many. I just want to be more selective and only keep what I really, really like.

I'll have to take a picture of the mess I've created by trying to clear out the clutter. I've got large plastic containers and boxes all over the place. It takes a while to go through everything and I sometimes make a cut and then change my mind. I should do it Fly Lady's way and have a box for the things I'm definitely getting rid of and another box for the ones that are a maybe. It would probably speed up the process.

I'm sure a lot of stuff won't sell at the doll show and then I'll have to decide what to do next. eBay or donate? Decisions, decisions.

Tomorrow we're driving to Austin to see our son. Keith moved there right before Christmas and needs us to bring the truck so he can pick up furniture. It's nice to be wanted. :) We'll drive back on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner and GinnyFaith has been studying for the big game.

We wish our Houston Texans were playing in the big game, but we know our day will come. We just hope we live long enough. :)


  1. Hi ,doll shows are such fun. Good luck with all your weeding and pray you have lots of sales at the doll show. I would love to see some of your Chatty Cathys, if you have the time to post.Be back soon for a visit.


  2. omg Ginny's books are so darling! Have fun in Austin and talk to you later! Karen


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